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[ open log with york ]

who. agent york and YOU!!
what. fightin' adjutants and tryin' to survive during the event
where. anywhere in zeta district
when. all during the event -- friday, saturday, and sunday!
warnings. violence, probably!

[ Well, there's one thing York can say for Omega so far, and that's that the place is never boring. At Sacrosanct, things could go quiet and dull for weeks on end, but here, there's always something going on. And while she'd rather it were something a little less deadly, she'll take what she can get.

She has to be careful here, because there aren't any teleporters they'll pop back out from if they die. Here, they've only got one life. So she's being about as careful as she can stand to be, always leaving the apartment clad in full armor and well-armed. She doesn't know how many of these things there are roaming around out here, but there are plenty to kill, that's for sure. Besides which, she knows there have to be folks out there who can't defend themselves -- and okay, York doesn't really consider herself a hero or anything, but she figures as long as she's out here shooting these things she might as well be doing some good.

She can be found around the district at varying points over the weekend, either keeping the adjutants from getting too close to her and Wash's apartment, or venturing out to other areas to do a little pest control. She'll be happy to temporarily team up with anyone else out shooting adjutants, and to save anyone who might need it -- or if your character is more the type to do the saving, feel free. York needs her ass saved once in a while, too. ]
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friday friday gettin down on friday

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[ So far, Wash has found himself to be less of a homebody on Omega than he'd been on Sacrosanct. It's the people, really -- there's no reason to go out when you can order anything off your wearable, but the omni-tools here aren't quite as advanced, and some things he has to do himself.

Not that stretching his legs is a bad thing.

The day's been quiet, though, once he'd gotten done with the repairs he'd needed to complete, and Wash only pauses before the apartment door for a moment before getting it open. York's upgraded the security system a great deal, enough that even he has to fiddle with it sometimes before it'll let him in.

He's not sure if she's home, but he calls out anyway, kicking the door shut behind him. ]

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[ He'd at least noticed the date this year, but Wash hadn't wanted to think too hard about it. His last birthday was one of the memories he wanted to keep safe and sound in the back of his mind, untouched by the mire of other things in there.

Besides, this is a new place, a new life -- and maybe, if he's lucky for once in his life, a new chance to find hat he's been looking for.

So he smiles when York meets him at the door, setting his gun down by the door and taking the beer. ]
Sorry. Didn't know I had this waiting for me. Thanks, York.
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wow nearly tagged this with aria. HEY YORK HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT A HOT ALIEN ROOMMATE

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Yeah, yeah.

[ That's a can of worms he's not all that keen to open, and he's sure she isn't, either. He settles for smiling back at her and reaching to put his things on the table.

Of course, then he catches sight of the cat, and Wash just shakes his head, heading over to scratch under her chin. ]

I see she got you too.
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bitch pls aria doesn't make her own coffee

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Uh huh.

[ yeah he's not buying that :'| ]

Oh well. Guess it's her birthday too.

[ But all things considered, he's not that bothered. He joins her on the couch and settles into the cushions, not surprised in the least that Rainier promptly decides to claim his lap. This is just fine by him. ]

We having dinner too?
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Hey, so long as I don't have to cook, I'm good.

[ Wash flicks his omni-tool on and puts in an order for sushi -- might as well go for something nice if they're celebrating. ]

Think I'll go with sushi. You want that, or something else?
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I-- hey!

[ Wash makes a face and tries to wriggle out of the way, but the cat in his lap makes that difficult at best. He scowls at her out of habit more than anything else and orders some for her, too, before closing it back off. ]

Remind me why I wanted to live with you again?
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Please. Like I'd let anyone else near my cat.

[ Wash scratches under Rainier's chin affectionately, though the cat doesn't have too much interest in him past the warmth of his lap. ]

And what would you do without me, huh?
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You're so full of shit.

[ And because he is the picture of maturity himself, Wash rolls his eyes at her. ]

You'd miss me. Come on.
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Hey, someone's got to keep you from getting a big head.

[ Wash grins at her, though, and strokes under Rainier's chin just to have her rub against his hand. ]

So what're we doing tonight? You want to watch a movie, or what?
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[ Wash can't help but snort, putting his feet up on the table. He can't help that he's tall, okay; their couch isn't that big. He lets Rainier settle down and sticks his hands behind his head, ready to relax. ]

Sure, why not. I can't even imagine what kind of stuff they have here.
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[ The only way to describe Wash's expression is as "what the fuck did I just hear." ]

And we're going to watch this.
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[ Wash spends most of the opening sequence in wide-eyed disbelief that this isn't actually a comedy, given how absurd it looks. Sure, he knows spy movies are a genre unto themselves, but this is just... indescribeable.

At least, until the lead shows up. Wash leans forward enough to peer down at the cover of the vid, then back up at the screen, and... yeah, that alien with tentacles is definitely Blasto.

In bed with another alien. ]

...I see you forgot to mention the tentacle porn.
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[ Wash snorts, but he'll leave his thoughts on the movie for another time. ]

...Good question.

[ He opens up his omni-tool, looking to see if there's supposed to be a delay on it, but nothing out of the ordinary shows up. ]

The order's still in the system. Maybe they're just late on deliveries.

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