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In the midst of the Reaper War, Aria T’Loak has reclaimed her throne at the top of Omega’s power struggle. But no sooner had Cerberus gone that a much worse fate befell the station -- the Omega Relay is irreparably damaged, cutting off the entire nebula from the rest of the galaxy. No one knows why, or what caused the damage in the first place, but the song remains the same. The station is now in complete seclusion.

And in the ensuing chaos, mysterious automated ships bound for Omega emerge from the Omega-4 Relay, each bearing a crew that appears to be from entirely different universes. None of them know how they’ve arrived, but one thing’s for certain: it’s a one-way trip.

Stuck on Omega with nowhere to go but up, each one of them will have to find their own way to survive. They can do as they please, just so long as they remember Omega’s one rule:

Don’t fuck with Aria.

Outsiders is a sci-fi panfandom game with an overarching plot set on Mass Effect’s Omega station following the events of ME3’s Omega DLC. Characters must choose what they plan to do with their stay - whether it be to join up with a group of mercs, start up a shop selling stolen goods, or enter the tangled world of information brokerage. The point is, make yourself useful, or Aria just might decide that she won't be so gracious to newcomers in the future. And those who do prove their worth just might find themselves embroiled in a plot that could change the station forever.

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