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merc killin'

who. the eclipse initiates.
what. merc killin’
where. various locations on omega.
when. various times this week.
warnings. Murder, likely blood and gore.

The Eclipse initiates won’t find they’re given too much in the way of direction when they’re given the information on their targets. Eclipse doesn't care how they do it, as long as they get it done, in the end. The biggest rule is to make sure they don’t get caught, and that it can’t be traced back to the initiates.

The would-be mercenaries are given some very basic information and cut loose. Complete the kills within the week, and come back with proof.
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Arthur is quietly relieved when he finds his target is a turian - not a salarian, or an asari, or a human biotic. He has nothing against this Liani, of course, but Eclipse wants her dead.

He thinks that all of this might be part of a power play, but he's not examining it right now. Right now he needs to make Liani disappear. He thinks hiding the body will work out better than allowing it to lay around to be discovered.

Tau is better than Zeta by far, but there's a few less people out late at night. Arthur's had to use some of the credits he was saving up to buy a lower grade pistol - but as long as it fires bullets at a better caliber than his old Earth one, that's fine.

He's loitered a few days before around Tau, watched her path home, and she usually takes a shortcut through an alleyway. That works to jump and kill her, but transporting the body was his next hurdle.

Except that Tau has an elevator shaft that leads down to the mines. It doesn't actually stop on Tau usually, but Arthur's reasonably confident he can hack the system to open it and let him ride down and dump Liani's body in one of the incinerators.

So, he knows where he's going. Now to get it done.

He gets off a shuttle ahead of Liani and moves ahead of her. Hopefully she'll choose to take the alleyway, but he can come back if she doesn't.

She does. Her impatience is visible as she enters one end of the alleyway. Arthur sticks to the side, waits for her to pass him, checking his omni-tool.

She slows as she starts to pass him, wary, and Arthur moves then. "Hey, you got a light?" he asks, and she turns to probably tell him to fuck off - but he shoves his arm into her abdomen and pushes her to the other side of the alleyway.

Her alien eyes widen, like she's going to make a noise - and he raises his hand to cover her mouth. She starts to bite at him, moving her leg to kick him, and he's forced to let her go.

He panics that she's going to shout but she doesn't, she goes for her gun - so Arthur pulls his pistol out. His heat sink's already loaded, and he shoves the muzzle right under her chin and pulls the trigger.

The gun's louder than he expected, but brains are brains. Blood splatters behind her, a different color than his, but she slumps against the wall, pretty dead.

He blows his breath out of his mouth, annoyed. He hopes no one heard it, or is planning on keeping their noses out of trouble if they did. Regardless, he wraps the cloth he'd tucked inside his armor from Sacrosanct around her head and starts to haul her towards the elevator. At least it's all back alley movement from here.

Before he rides down and incinerates her, he takes a recording of her dead on one of the information recorders he got a hold of. Then he takes the piece of armor with the Talon symbol off her and finishes the job.