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merc killin'

who. the eclipse initiates.
what. merc killin’
where. various locations on omega.
when. various times this week.
warnings. Murder, likely blood and gore.

The Eclipse initiates won’t find they’re given too much in the way of direction when they’re given the information on their targets. Eclipse doesn't care how they do it, as long as they get it done, in the end. The biggest rule is to make sure they don’t get caught, and that it can’t be traced back to the initiates.

The would-be mercenaries are given some very basic information and cut loose. Complete the kills within the week, and come back with proof.
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Marco wasn't quite sure what happened in his life to cause him to suddenly find himself in the position of having to orchestrate and murder another human being. It started off as a move to increase his own chance of survival, and he entertained a fancy notion that he could both be part of a cold-blooded mercenary gang and continue being just another harmless kid trying to stay alive. But then he got the assignment and an incredibly brief briefing. And then he went back to running pizzas.

For a couple of days, he just redirected his delivery routes to put him closer to his target, doing equal parts observation and psyching himself up to the task. Finally, he got to a point where he needed to take another step.

That step was, apparently, calling for help.

He was too paranoid to make contact with any of the other unknown initiates; the less he had to deal with his fellow mercenaries, the more plausible deniability he had. Besides, he didn't have much of a read on any of them. Except for one. Even if that read was 'creeper, possibly pedo, probably furry in denial'. Better the devil you know, right?

So at the end of his delivery shift, he grabbed one of the pizzas off the discard pile (anchovies and onions) and beelined for Arthur's apartment. The door suffered a long series of impatient taps.
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Arthur received his information at the same time as the other initiates. He's relieved that his target seems fairly normal - not a biotic or a salarian. He's had to covertly research how one might kill a turian, but he's confident he has a way to make it look like something gone wrong. He might need a new gun, though, since he only has his old regular caliber one.

Then a couple nights after he gets a knock, and he pauses as he's starting to take something out to eat. He goes over and presses the button for the intercom.

"Who is it?"
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"It's Marco, dude, let me in. Are you alone?" A pause, as he realized how that sounded. "I'm not coming on to you so keep your pants on."

He fidgeted with the cold pizza box while he waited to be let in, and wondered if this was really the best idea. They were on the same team, right? Arthur raised all of his paranoia flags (though, to be fair, very few things didn't) for reasons he couldn't figure out, and just standing in front of the door made him antsy.

Then again, backup would be nice. A sanity check would be nice. And he did offer his help before.
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Arthur has to give a sigh behind the door when Marco tells him to keep his pants on.

"I'm alone," he says before he opens the door, stepping aside. "And I have to say, you're really not my type, because my type isn't a couple decades younger than me."

But he lets Marco inside none the less, closing the door behind him - leaving it unlocked, though.

"What are you here for?" Arthur had an idea, sure, but he wanted to be positive about it.
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"Likewise, dude. You hungry? I needed an excuse to come here."

Marco helped himself to a seat and opened the box on his lap, digging in to a slice right away. Cold pizza with weird toppings wasn't the most appealing food ever, but he'd gotten used to eating a lot of gross pizza over the past few weeks.

"But anyway, cutting to the chase. I'm here to borrow a cup of sugar. And by a cup of sugar, I mean a gun, and you for like twenty minutes of your life."
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"I can eat," Arthur says neutrally, leaning against the wall next to the door. Despite saying he was hungry, he didn't make a move for the pizza yet.

Despite not knowing this Marco at all, he still felt some responsibility towards him - he could become the Marco that was on Sacrosanct, if he wasn't here.

"You need help with your initiation," he ends up saying after a moment, quirking an eyebrow up. He moves away from the wall, moving towards Marco and snagging a piece of pizza before he moves past him.

Anchovies remind him of Mal, but he still takes a bite.

"You have a plan?" He asks Marco after he turns around, swallowing. Like killing someone isn't a big deal at all.
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"Do I have a plan? No, I was just going to sit around and hope my target dies of old age." Marco chomps away for a moment, dropping pizza crumbs all over the couch. Enjoy the pizza, Arthur; the shop wasn't going to stay open for much longer with this water shortage going on. He's continuing Arthur's lead of not making a big deal about this. All in a day's work, right? The rest of the slice disappears into Marco's face.

"Dude gets off his guard shift. Dude goes to bar. Dude has a few drinks. Dude stumbles home." Each step was ticked off on a greasy finger, the result of tailing his target for a few days and figuring this out. "Somewhere between bar and home, he usually pops off his helmet, since who the hell sits at a bar with their helmet on, anyway. One night, he encounters a lost delivery boy wandering around. Drunk and unsuspecting, dude offers the kid help, except the kid is secretly an assassin sent to take him out and blows off his head with a gun he had to borrow from his friend because said kid doesn't have his own. Said friend also happens to be hanging around the corner as backup in case something goes horribly wrong, and then shows up to grab the gun so the kid isn't caught with it and cooly walk away while said kid posts a video of the dead body onto the internet and pretends to be horrified at finding a corpse in order to declare his own innocence for a clean getaway."

Yep, totally not a big deal.

"Good story?"
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typo sniper, the new game from drawzel studios

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"In a place like this, you might not have to wait long anyway," Arthur says before taking another bite, gingerly. He waits for Marco to finish eating and listens to his plan.

It's admittedly not a bad plan. Not perfect, but not bad, and will probably work for what they're doing. That's a terrible thought to have.

"I'd honestly prefer not drawing attention to the body, but it helps keep your cover," he gestures to the pizza. "It's your job."

He quickly finishes his slice and wipes his hands down on a nearby towel . "I'll help you. But first things first, you ever shot a gun before?"
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now accepting applications for beta testers

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"I mean, come on, who's going to suspect the stupid pizza boy, right?" Marco can certainly come up with better ways to get this done, but most of them involve not being on Omega to begin with and remaining a mediocre junior high student in a world with no crazy alien bullshit. Failing that, this is his next best bet.

"I've got every single high score ranking on every House of the Dead machine within fifty miles of San Diego."
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ooh mememe

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"A zapper and a real gun aren't the same," Arthur says dryly, but it is a good basis for the gun that he can use. Plus, he can use it to show Marco how to fire a gun.

He turns to get the gun he bought recently in prep for assassinating Liani.

"I won't get into the fancier options on the gun, but I'll show you how to aim, sight and fire, and how to put the safety on and off."
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feel free to skip training montage and cut straight to kill?

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"Whatever works, dude. I just need to be able to point and click at someone, not field-strip it and write you a repair manual."

Marco shrugs. People have been telling him video games were a complete waste of time and wouldn't give him any applicable real-world skills for his entire life; all he's hoping now is that what they said about how he'd be desensitized to violence and murder would turn out to be true.

So far, so good. His moral alarm bells haven't started screaming at him yet.
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"You sure? It could come in handy," Arthur says with a wry expression on his face. Still, he takes out the pistol - the one he bought to kill Liani with - and starts showing Marco the basics. He doesn't let him fire in the apartment, but he does warn that there will be some recoil.

Once Marco tells him his target should be hitting the bar, they go to lie in wait.

"Good luck," Arthur offers before going to wait around the corner, pretending to be a loiterer examining his omni-tool.
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marco puking the first time he sees real-life gore is totally canon

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Maybe someday in the distant future, Marco will care about being able to take care of a gun, but this isn't even his gun, and he's decided he just needs to know the bare minimum to get the job done.

He tails his target for a few blocks, until they get a little bit out of the way of the main foot traffic around Afterlife. He knows the path to take, and sprints ahead by a block so that he can plant himself near the alleyway he picked out earlier. The pistol's hot at his side.

It's over quickly because Marco doesn't let himself get psyched out about it: flip open his omni-tool to pull up a map, pester the tipsy Patrick for directions, turn down the alleyway and walk a few steps, get confused again and ask Patrick to look over the map, bring up the gun and press it against the side of his head while Patrick leans down, pull the trigger and splatter brain chunks all over the wall.

Marco's mostly focused on the recoil he was warned about. The gun almost jumps from his hand; he yelps at the noise and stumbles backwards a few steps, but the job is already finished. Patrick's body is on the ground, and in the eerie silence following the gunshot, Marco catches sight of the mess he just made and promptly pukes cold pizza all over the street.
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There's not much to be done. He's not helping Marco with his lost kid cover, and Patrick - well, the merc takes the bait beautifully. It helps that he's drunk and not exactly a bad person. He's just the target.

Marco yelps at the same time the gun fires, and then there's silence before there's the distinct sound of someone losing their lunch. Arthur wants to be comforting but there's bigger problems now.

He rounds the corner he was around and is greeted by the side of a corpse with a missing chunk of head, a mess, and Marco.

He doesn't ask if Marco's okay. He's not. Instead he goes over to pull the gun out of Marco's hand.

"You're gonna be fine," he says, his voice steady. "Take the video once I'm out of here. I'll be nearby if you run into trouble." And he'll be watching for the post.

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the most effective way to make marco shut up is apparently to let him kill someone

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Part of the reason Marco asked for backup, beyond just wanting an extra set of eyes around, was that it was the only way he knew to plan for the unpredictable state of his mind right after the hit. And as it turns out, all he needs to snap out of his unblinking stare at the thing he just did is someone else to tell him what to do.

He nods and lets Arthur take the gun away from him---he's on the verge of dropping it anyway---then takes the next few moments to gather his wits. He's not going to open his mouth again for a couple of minutes, or else he might start hurling again.
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a useful if troublesome fact to know!

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Arthur watches Marco a moment longer, wanting to do something - rest a hand on his back maybe, but he knows what the kid thinks of him so he thinks better of it.

"Good luck," he says finally, before turning, tucking the gun into his armor and heading away - though not too far. Time to let Marco deal with the rest of this, even if Arthur wasn't sure that was smart.