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Merchanting [OPEN]

who. Randolph Lyall and OPEN
what. Lyall is trying to buy actual meat, dammit
where. The markets
when. Pick a day, any day
warnings. Hungry werewolf. He's polite, though, so he won't eat you. Probably.

Though his current "job" left much to be desired in the intellectually stimulating department, at least it paid something beyond bare sustenance. Not much, though. It had taken him a few more weeks now, but Lyall had managed to scrape together enough, at last, to get him something to eat beyond protein bars and nutrino mash and those heavily processed foods he couldn't properly digest. He was here for something fresh.

And if he didn't get it, he was going to be a cranky werewolf.

So he paced down the rows of stands, booths, and shops, following his nose to where he might find an actual butcher. He was eminently interruptable, however, whether on his way in, on his way out, or in the middle of a heated and possibly angry bargaining session with a shopkeeper.