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who. Wash ([personal profile] articletwelve) and York
what. after getting yanked from Sacrosanct and tossed on Omega, they finally meet back up
where. in the residential area of Zeta District
when. eveningish, after the new arrivals have been here for most of the day
warnings. idk FEELINGS, PROBABLY

Man, it's been a weird fuckin' day. The last thing York really remembers before she came here is stepping through a teleporter with Wash back on Sacrosanct, and she hasn't seen him here yet. And that doesn't exactly bode well for her. She's had enough loss to last her a lifetime, but honestly, she's more worried about him. If he came through the other side of that teleporter and he didn't -- if he's all alone back there, with Delta running only a fraction of the station...

Well, it's not something she really wants to think about.

That aside, though, she doesn't mind the place so far. It's not exactly the high life, and it's a galactic cross-species den of thieves, but that doesn't bother her so much because there are people here. Actual, other people. And the station isn't run by a crazy AI out for their blood. In fact, the lady in charge of the station doesn't seem to give a shit about them either way. And that suits York just fine. Honestly, she thinks she could get along here all right.

So now she's trawling the residential area, looking for a place she might be able to nab for her own. She's itching to get out of this armor, and briefly, she mourns the thought of all the clothes she left behind on Sacrosanct. She'd kill for jeans and a t-shirt right now. Or even a set of that nice, sleek armor she's seen everyone around here wearing. She feels a little too old-fashioned in the Freelancer armor.
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Honestly, he's not sure what to make of this place. It's weird, being around so many people, and even more so that he hasn't seen their faces over the network before. He's not sure what even half the aliens he's seen are called, but if this is anything like Sacrosanct, he'll have more than enough time to figure it out.

At least no one else trying to eat his cat. Right now, that is.

He's not sure what to make of the alien who'd given them all orders, but as far as he's concerned she's preferable to Hypatia. The district she'd sent them to -- which took him an embarrassingly long time to find -- had a few buildings that seemed to be unoccupied, and Wash had been poking his way through them when he'd caught sight of the armor.

It's not that he hasn't thought about York -- it's that he didn't dare to, not yet. He'd known, when he'd landed somewhere else, that there was no guarantee that she'd come too. He'd known that. But some part of him, however small, had still hoped, and when he sees that armor -- and the hair -- he stops mid-step.

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He tugs off his helmet as soon as she turns, slipping it under his other arm, and he's already starting to smile back at her when she comes closer. The question makes him pause, though. Wash casts a quick glance down at his helmet, the memories flickering through his mind again -- ( but i know what i saw. and it doesn't make any sense ) -- and the lie comes to his lips before he even thinks to put it there.

"Guess the universe thought I was due for a change of pace," Wash says, rolling his shoulder in a shrug. He lifts the edges of his mouth in a smile, taking a step closer to her. "You okay? When'd you get here?"
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"About the same," he says, shaking his head. He's not all that surprised he missed her, given the stream of people coming off of the shuttles, and there had been more coming when he'd left the landing pad. This has been an experience so far, one he's not entirely sure what to make of yet.

He gives her another look over, as if to make sure she's okay, then shifts to a more serious expression. "Think I know where we are, though. You remember Commander Shepard? She had aliens like some of the ones here on her crew."
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"Makes about as much sense as anything else," Wash says, shaking his head. There's little sense that can be made of this, but hell if he isn't trying all the same.

The idea sounds good, considering he's been hauling Rainier around all day, and Wash nods towards a relatively undamaged area down the street, hefting the cat carrier up again. "Yeah, that sounds good. C'mon."
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"Don't joke about water, I might actually start to miss Sacrosanct," Wash says, giving a quick shake of his head. He hasn't seen so much as a single source of water here -- probably imported, he imagines, from a neighboring planet. At least this station is clearly still part of a galactic community, even if they are stuck here.

He stops at a low wall, setting the cat carrier down as he takes a seat, and nods to York to join him. "Weird being around so many people, you know? I never thought the teleporters would send us somewhere else."
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He's not planning on straying far now that he's found her, either. He might not have let himself worry too much about whether or not she was here, not until he got his bearings, but the relief had been so sharp and sudden that he doesn't want to let go of it just yet.

"Think I like the overlord better too," Wash says, managing to smile a little. "I mean, even if we're trapped here... we've been through worse."

He leans over, bumping his shoulder against York's. "I'm... glad you're here."
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"Sure does," Wash says, drawing back after a moment. Yeah, they're in an unfamiliar universe, and they're definitely not home, but... they can deal with it. Hell, maybe things might even end up better than they did on Sacrosanct.

"So what've you found out so far?" Wash asks.
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"Now you know how I feel," Wash mutters, shaking his head with a snort to himself. He's more than used to not being able to convince people he's anything near stable. "Not surprised you made nice, though. All I got were people telling me my cat was going to get eaten. You think you can trust this guy?"
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Wash makes an amused huff at the idea of someone being concerned about York going down the wrong path -- like she's ever had any path but her own. "I'm sure you set him straight on that one," he says, shaking his head, and shoots her a half-smile. "This guy have a name? I'll keep an eye out for him."
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"Garrus?" That gets Wash's attention, and he turns to her, recognition flickering across his face. "I met him back on Sacrosanct. I mean-- one of him. He was part of Shepard's crew; probably is here, too."

He relaxes more, resting his hand on top of Rainier's carrier. "Only talked to him a couple times, but he seemed like a decent guy. For an alien, anyway."
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"Nothing we can't handle, though," Wash says, hand curling tighter on the cat carrier. Sure, this isn't the best of situations, but at least they can deal with this. Tangible problems are a lot easier to handle. "We'll manage. Always do, don't we?"
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"Mm." Wash tugs his helmet back on and hefts the cat carrier back up -- armor or no, he'd rather find someplace to let Rainier out than keep hauling her all over the station. He glances up at the buildings, lips twisting at the disarray they all seem to be in, and nods towards one that doesn't look quite as bad. "You want to start there?"
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"Good thing I know a guy," Wash says dryly, shooting her a sideways look. Of all the things they could be dealing with, security problems are the least of his concerns with York around.

He heads up the stairs towards one of the buildings, looking them up and down. "Any preference?"

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