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Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.

who. Xiahou Dun and anyone.
what. Dun's been busy doing some renovation work, but it's not for his home thank goodness.
where. A four bedroom apartment somewhere in Zeta District.
when. Any time during the last week.
warnings. Xiahou Dun is an extremely bad tempered man and nothing sets him off like jabs to his one eye. Characters can poke him about it but he may react violently and hostilely.

Any one going by a certain four room apartment will have noticed over the course of the week a one-eye man bringing pieces of scrap metal and wood salvaged from other areas of the Zeta District to the place. There's a lot of sounds coming from the place too; hammering, chopping, sawing. He comes in from morning till night, always leaving the place locked when he's done. But all locks can be picked, and while he's a silent worker he can be approached and questions can be asked.

((OOC: You can approach Dun when he's bringing in new materials, knock on the door to ask what's going on, or even try and break-in into the place. If you'd like to break-in, please contact me and we'll iron out details.))
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Lyall has passed by this room twice now, in wolf form, on some business or another. Both times, he was curious, but it was hard to ask questions as a wolf. So now he's back, fully human formed, dressed in his preferred mode-- Victorian, like he'd arrived in, even if the garb isn't quite right from what he's managed to scrounge, beg, and describe to other people to make-- and peering inside the open door quizically.

"Good afternoon," he begins, polite as usual, when there's a break in the work. He even thinks it actually is afternoon. Somewhere.
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Peering up at the one-eyed fellow for a beat, Lyall then steps back politely and keeps his expression mild. "The door was ajar," he explains. "But that is no excuse for poor manners. I do beg your pardon. I can continue on my way, if you would prefer."
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The slam takes Lyall rather by surprise, and he blinks at the door a few times before gathering his wits back together. "Well!" He frowns at the door, bares his teeth a little in rather useless defiance to the utter rudeness-- to anyone passing by, they even go briefly sharp-- before turning away and going on his way.

Not worth it. Any kind of confrontation will turn into a challenge, and that... simply isn't worth it.