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like a big pizza pie (open)

who. Marco and you!
what. Delivery boy shenanigans.
where. Zeta District.
when. Right now!
warnings. How questionable can a 13-year-old get? (Don't answer that.)

[ Moving people's food around the district for them beats hauling rubble, though Marco could do without the cheesy delivery boy uniform. However, he approaches this delivery business with all the highly directed tunnel-vision of someone who has played lots of video games and knows how to scoot all over the map in the most efficient manner. Having to fake smiles and suck up for tips wasn't the worst thing, either. ]

(OOC: I have no preference between prose or action spam, so I will reciprocate whatever you start with! Scenario options are presented below, but you're welcome to start a new top-level thread with anything else if you have something in mind.)
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MARCO.... he will ask you your name next tag

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[ The bachelor jokes can be made all you want - sometimes pizza is just a nice alternative to whatever else is on the station. Also, Arthur is allowed to be lazy sometimes.

So he opens the door after confirming that it's someone with a pizza. Still, it never hurts to be wary - don't think his gun isn't within reach. ]

I guess when I said 'surprise me' I should have specified no vegetables.

[ It honestly takes him a moment of looking at the kid before something strikes. Especially in the way he's standing there looking half shifty and half amused.

Is that Marco? ]
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Yeah, I'm not really a big fan of motor oil in my food, kinda grinds my gears a little.

[ Arthur's not stunned enough to ignore the price, but as he's signing - well, he's thinking.

If this is Marco, it's clearly not the one that he knew on Sacrosanct - he's younger. Do you tell some kid you just met they're the younger version of someone?

He adds a couple extra credits as a tip and then speaks when he's handing over the screen. ]

What's your name?
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every thread is hilarious now

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[ If the name didn't cement it, the line about valve problems definitely did. He has a moment to think of Marco's "relationship chart" and wonders when it became with fondness.

But this kid is what - before all the morphing stuff? ]

You just remind me of someone I knew before I ended up here.

[ He's holding the pizza, and resists the urge to fidget with it. ]

I'm Arthur, by the way.
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[ Arthur almost lets him go, especially given the expression crossing Marco's face. He might not be as good as Eames or York, but he can tell when someone's a little unsettled.

Pizza still in hand, he calls out after Marco. At worst, Marco doesn't know anything about this and probably tries to avoid him for the rest of their tenure on Omega. Oh well. ]

Hey, do you know anything about morphing?
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[ That's a pretty clear no on Marco knowing about it - that or playing dumb. Either way, an explanation should be provided. ]

Like shapeshifting. Not werewolves, just other - animals.

[ There's a shrug he gives now, attempting to seem like it's nothing. ]

And if I was using a euphemism what the heck would morphing even stand for?
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still my favorite

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[ Arthur can't really help the way he suddenly smiles a little, the way that it's just - the exasperation, though for the wrong reasons, is so familiar of Marco that it's nice to see.

Even if he thinks Arthur's a complete creeper. ]

I'm not a furry. [ He says it drily. ] Like I said, you look like someone I knew before who could do that.

[ He rubs a hand over the back of his neck. ] Thought maybe you were him, but from earlier.
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shortest pizza thread :C

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[ Arthur shakes his head with a sigh, stepping back and holding a hand up. ]

Sorry. I won't take up more of your time. If you need any help, though, I'm around.

[ But he pretty much closes his door after that to enjoy his strange pizza. ]