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like a big pizza pie (open)

who. Marco and you!
what. Delivery boy shenanigans.
where. Zeta District.
when. Right now!
warnings. How questionable can a 13-year-old get? (Don't answer that.)

[ Moving people's food around the district for them beats hauling rubble, though Marco could do without the cheesy delivery boy uniform. However, he approaches this delivery business with all the highly directed tunnel-vision of someone who has played lots of video games and knows how to scoot all over the map in the most efficient manner. Having to fake smiles and suck up for tips wasn't the worst thing, either. ]

(OOC: I have no preference between prose or action spam, so I will reciprocate whatever you start with! Scenario options are presented below, but you're welcome to start a new top-level thread with anything else if you have something in mind.)
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Rescuing from impending assault, I say!

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One good thing about being a werewolf is the rather extraordinary senses one is gifted with. Perhaps it is a bit annoying, in a crowded and busy space-city with advertisements and street signs and people talking everywhere, but it is also eminently useful, particularly in quieter parts of Omega. Lyall is walking along himself, back from a trip to the merchant's to browse for something other than protein bars and drinks, and he nods to Marco in passing without a second thought for the boy. He even scents the fellow waiting for him in a recessed doorway, but thinks nothing of it.

Until he hears the knife comes out, anyway, behind him and just about when Marco would be passing that half-hidden fellow. He turns sharply and bounds back after the boy with every intention of yanking him back, hopefully in time to avoid some kind of bloodletting.

((poke me if none of that doesn't work! since you got to the open scene before me :B ))
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It's only Victorian manners that keeps Lyall greeting people he passes on the street, really. That's not something he's managed to drop so far in his time here, and really, not something he even wants to try to drop.

Rather like he's not interested in letting muggings happen, even if the child believes it's his appetite he ought to worry about.

"Do not be ridiculous. I cannot even eat pizza." Lyall steps swiftly around the flailing boy with an expression of mild distaste-- he's avoided much worse, actually dangerous people before in his time, and poor Marco looks more silly than he does threatening. Instead, he pounces past Marco in an attempt to snatch that knife away before the actual mugger gets over his surprise. "I'll have that, thank you."
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For a moment, Lyall actually considers taking the knife by force, tempted by the thought of actually winning an encounter for the first time in this awful place since those undead monstrocities. But in the end he decides avoiding the slight risk of injury without a ready source of fresh meat available for more efficient healing, and the more palpable risk of letting more people know how fast and strong he really is, is better than removing one knife from one thug. "Then run along," he tells the mugger, making a shooing motion with one hand. "Try a different district for your free dinner."

Of course, if the mugger pushes it, he won't have any choice... but it's smarter not to push it, himself.
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Lyall watches the thug go until he's safely out of sight, and he can hear his footfalls receding in the distance. Then he turns back to Marco, just in time to get that response. He sighs a little. It's not an unfamiliar one.

"No, and to be honest, I have no idea what that even means. I happen to have been pulled, all unwilling, from Earth of eighteen seventy-five. This is how everyone looks." Though not generally quite so well put-together. Children these days. "Are you all right? I didn't quite mean to pull you to the ground entirely."
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"The combination of tomato sauce with the proliferation of breads," Lyall shrugs, his own self. "I have rather particular dietary needs, I'm afraid. I am largely carnivorous, with some limited allowance for dairy and simple carbohydrates." Marco is lucky he even knows what pizza is, to be honest; he's picked it up since his arrival here.

He winces at what the proper response would be, despite the depleted state of his funds here. "Do you need the product... replaced?"
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Normally, Lyall would be above that kind of scrounging and probably not too keen on the cooked nature of the meat... but he's had so little that's remotely fresh lately, that he's not going to turn that down. "If you have no qualms parting with the sausage, then certainly, and you have my gratitude." He accepts the bag and opens it to daintily pick through the cheese for the meat.

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mister Marco. I wish it could have occurred under more pleasant circumstances." Though to him? This is the most pleasant it's been in a while. Mmmm, sausage.

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[unknown fact: north has been keeping an eye on marco since they'd first met on the kid's arrival. there's just something about someone that young ending up on omega that screams potential danger, and if he tries to deny that he's been going out of his way to make sure nobody messes with him .. well, let's just say that he's never been a good liar.

but, that aside. he pretty much makes his case by happening upon him as he's out for a delivery - ended up as a pizza boy, of all things - and it isn't all that surprising to find that there are people on this station that would take advantage of a skinny kid carrying an insulated bag.

he briefly wonders if this happens to all the pizza delivery guys, or if it's just the fact that marco is clearly new to the area.

he sees the man making a move to intersect his path, and with an unsurprising level of stealth and speed, north is intersecting him by grabbing him by the back of the neck, fingers curling tightly as he hauls him off to the side. the words that come out of his mouth are by no means polite, though he doesn't speak above a whisper:]
I wouldn't do that, if I were you.

[and apparently it's enough, because the would-be accoster slinks back into the crowd, and north falls into step beside marco as if nothing had ever happened.] Keeping busy? [he asks, light and flippant as anything.]
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[it's a good thing that he's oblivious to the whole thing. because he really isn't up for explaining why he'd been keeping an eye on him since the first time they'd met.

that marco just keeps up with the flow of the conversation has him grinning just the slightest bit, and he keeps up with him in stride, though he has to admit that it isn't very difficult. short legs and all that, you know.]
I think you're trying to talk to the wrong people if you're making an attempt at reason about kids not working on Omega. [it's offered helpfully, flippantly, and even though he hasn't been here very long, he's already getting an idea of how things work around here.

age doesn't mean a thing. if you're old enough to talk back, you're old enough to work.]
Are you at least getting paid a fair amount?
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I'll give you that much, I guess. I was never much for math, myself.

[didn't mean he wasn't good at it, though. there had been very little in school north hadn't practically excelled in from an early age, and his attention to detail had bled into adulthood and how he chose to deal with things.

still. that eyeroll is met with another shake of his head and a chuckle. except that chuckle abruptly cuts off at the mention of someone messing with him. he's automatically back into protective mode, eyes narrowing.]
.. Hold on a second. Who did that?

[don't mind him. he's not going to go beat anyone up for you.


it's all good in the neighborhood.]
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[the word batarian makes him twitch a little, just because on his arrival he'd been .. accosted by a group of such fine gentlemen and has since come to side-eye them at the very best. he knows they're just more of aria's thugs, only in it for themselves and what they can get out of it, and the idea that they're already taking it out on an innocent kid trying to make things work in his favor doesn't sit well with him.

he's scowling, pretty damn hard, and if marco catches on to it, well .. you caught him. congratulations.

he stops when the other does, sliding his hands into his pockets and trying to look as casual as possible, even though he's already upset at the fact that someone he's come to call a friend is being treated unfairly. this, ultimately, will be north's downfall: more-than-occasionally wearing his heart on his sleeve and caring too much about the people he meets.

but he nods at what marco says.]
Sure, yeah - I'll be here.
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[it isn't as though he would feel .. bad if something ends up happening to him. it does have to do with the fact that he's taken to looking after him when he can, because it's difficult for him not to take a protective role with someone he thinks may end up needing it.

he nods as marco trots off, leaning against the wall of one of the shops to the side and folding his arms over his chest, gaze never straying far from the one the other had entered. theta is buzzing in the back of his mind, attentive as always, and he's just about to speak up and ask if north is all right when marco shoots back out.

it takes no more than a split second for him to fully block the batarian's way, shooting a glance over his shoulder just to make sure the other is well out of the way. he then turns his attention back to the alien, that scowl deepening and turning into something a little more menacing as he addresses him.

he's really had enough of these guys. he's still irritated about his first encounter with them.]
Hey, now .. why don't you put that down? There's no need for violence against someone mistakenly trying to sell you a pizza.
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[after his initial run-in with the local "badasses" of the station, north has more than become acquainted with the fact that batarians don't let things go easily. it always seems as though they're looking for any reason for a fight, and this, of course, is no exception to the rule.

he isn't expecting this to end quickly, or easily, but he isn't going to rise to violence just yet. the shove to his chest has his eyes narrowing, and while he keeps his stance loose and nonchalant, the fact that he is a trained soldier has him more than prepared to react if this continues to escalate.]
It's my problem if you're thinking about hurting someone that didn't do anything wrong.

[a quick glance over his shoulder assures him that marco is well out of harm's way, and then he turns his attention back to the alien in front of him.] Put it down.

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