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who. Kirrahe ([personal profile] motivationalspeaker), OPEN
what. A Choose your own adventure style log. Kirrahe's out gathering intel and exploring and you get to decide where you meet him
where. We'll get to that.
when. Any time during the week.
warnings. Nothing as of yet, will update accordingly.

Scenario I: Zeta District- If one is to be stuck somewhere for an extended period of time, it's a good idea to get a feel for the neighborhood. Poke around in corners and all that, get weird looks from NPC's. Like moving into any new place.

Getting to know the neighbors is probably a good idea too. He's not going door to door introducing himself or anything, but he's more than happy to chat with anyone who approaches.

Y'know, assuming you don't come at him with a shotgun. He's prepared for that, too.

Scenario II: Afterlife- Outside or inside. If outside, Kirrahe is hanging around near a group of whiny alien NPC's, nonchalantly listening in to whatever random conversation they're having. The elcor bouncer keeps giving him weird looks, but Kirrahe doesn't seem to care.

If inside, he's doing much of the same, though is likely spending much of his time cloaked (most likely how he got in in the first place 8U). If he's not hanging out near a random wall, he'll be at the bar. You'd be surprised how much information you can pick up from a bunch of drunks.

Scenario III: Omega Market- Seeing as Kirrahe's weapons and equipment are outdated by a good three years, you bet your ass he's going to be out price checking. Whether or not he'll actually be able to afford any of this stuff in the near future remains to be seen. Still, weapons can make for interesting conversations.
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Scenario II :)

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Lyall is not one of the whiny aliens Kirrahe is listening in on-- though technically he counts as an alien here, as well, he supposes. He is, rather, listening to them, himself, and finds Kirrahe's interest in them somewhat amusing. Given he's in wolf form, though-- a good-sized but fairly slender animal, more fox-like than really wolf-like, with sandy fur marked here and there with black or white-- it's not immediately obvious that he is listening in or amused. That will likely change in a moment or two... but for now, observing the observer.

He does pad over to Kirrahe after a moment to see how the fellow takes to being approached by a wolf. Or if he even knows what a wolf is... not everyone here has.
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Lucky for Kirrahe, Lyall was a friendly werewolf. Well, mostly friendly. Generally people looked a bit like food, especially lately, but it simply wasn't polite to eat one's neighbors, so he kept those particular urges under control. For now, since he'd come specifically to see this fellow, there were no urges at all besides getting a good sniff and maybe an ear-scratch before he went to change forms and see about a proper introduction.

So he gave the offered fingers a polite sniff, then closed the last foot or so of distance and sat himself down, head cocked to one side.
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Lyall lolled his tongue in gentle amusement at the idea. As much as he wouldn't mind having someone to help cover expenses for the rare fresh meat he scrimped up for, these days, he knew it wouldn't do much good mooching. Plus it wouldn't be polite, at all, effectively pretending to be an animal to someone actively helping him. He did, however, tilt his head and half-shut his eyes contentedly at the ear-scratch. He didn't get those very often, and he'd found, in the past weeks, that he'd willingly take them where he could get them. It wasn't the same as pack, or even real friends, but it was a moment of affection anyway.

There was, of course, no collar.

After a moment, he pulled back, deciding it was about time to initiate a conversation. He trotted a few paces away, then looked over his shoulder with a whuff, rather as if he was inviting Kirrahe to follow him.
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Lyall bounded in the direction of the corner and niche in which he'd left his clothing, paused once to make sure Kirrahe was still following, then darted aside and out of sight. He started the change back to human form as immediately as he could, in the hopes that he might be finished by the time Kirrahe actually made it around that same corner and between those currently-empty booths. The change took a good thirty seconds, this side of the station, and it was still pretty noisy. Bones breaking and snapping back together, muscles grinding around, a whole body reforming to a different configuration.

If Kirrahe hurried when he registered those sounds, he'd get to watch the last few seconds.
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"I imagine not." Lyall bent to retrieve the most convenient and concealing of his clothing, the greatcoat, and shrugged it on, looking over his shoulder at Kirrahe and the gun. The latter didn't seem to disturb him much. "My apologies for the noise. It is, I'm afraid, one of the necessary evils of changing one's shape."

He buttoned the coat up and turned back to face the fellow. "Professor Randolph Lyall of London, Earth, in eighteen seventy-five. I promise I mean you no harm." So if he'd like to lower the pistol, he certainly could.
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"I did want to introduce myself, since you were so curious as to my provinence, and friendly rather than dismissive," Lyall answered reasonably, raising his shoulders a little in an elegant sort of shrug-- or as elegant as one could be when dressed only in a coat. "Besides, I believe we caught each other spying, and it seemed only polite to make you aware of me."

Really, he had simply assumed Kirrahe would have figured it out before too long if he continued watching in the same areas Lyall did, and it was always better to have that handled on one's own terms rather than accidentally, or so he'd always found. Besides, he was curious about someone else watching so inconspicuously.
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Lyall offered a smile for that. "You may be subtle enough-- I am a bit more observant than most, and your assumption that I was a mere animal, if uncommon, is rather the norm, so I see more than most, as well." Being uncommon was a bit annoying, as he got more attention than he'd wanted, but he could work with it as long as he was careful.

He was familiar with varren-- and highly tempted to eat them, though he had been good so far-- but the other was new. "What might a pyjack be?" Something edible?
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"Ah. Well, I shall not look too hard, then." Though he was disappointed. They did sound as if they might be tasty. At least on par with rats, which apparently also did not exist here. "I am not precisely human, and very few of the humans I have spoken to here seem aware of my particular type. Have you ever heard of a werewolf?"

He wasn't going to hold his breath for that one, honestly, considering most humans looked at him like he was crazy when he even mentioned the word, whether for mentioning something they'd never heard of or bringing up a myth.
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"Unsurprising." Lyall shrugged again, unconcerned with the lack, and actually rather surprised he even knew the word. "A werewolf, from most human legend I've gathered since my arrival here, is a man who can turn into a wolf-- or a monster, or both. Earth's moon governs the change. I am not quite the same as many werewolf legends would say, given I actually had to die to achieve this state, and I have control over myself at all times." Except for the full moon, of course, but given there did not seem to be a moon here, full or otherwise, he had yet to have to address that.
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"Ah, well." Uh, oh, Kirrahe... he was going into lecture mode. Lyall looked rather more animated, describing the theory. "On Earth-- my version of Earth, whatever that means-- some individuals possess a trait which we call excess soul. This may or may not relate to actual spiritual properties, but considering its connection to ghosts and undeath, most theories tend to assume it does. Those who possess this trait live on after death, usually in the form of a ghost tethered to their mortal remains, at least until second death when their remains degrade too much to hold them or they are exorcised. Those of us who are killed by a vampire queen or werewolf Alpha, following the traditional protocols, come back to life in our old bodies, fully healed and immortal, as a vampire or a werewolf with the standard traits of either supernatural line. In the case of werewolves, obviously, turning into a wolf."

Among other things. He didn't immediately enumerate all the other abilities. He liked Kirrahe's promise as a fellow conspirator, but he didn't trust him that much yet.
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"This may be a good time and place to do some of that research," Lyall commented dryly. "Given how many different people are here from how many different places. No one seems to be familiar with werewolves as I know them, though I have met others who are familiar with the concept in a different fashion. It is quite odd, particularly to someone who has had no concept of the idea of multiple, alternate universes."

Read: Lyall. He'd been dealing fairly well with it all, he thought, but it was still quite bewildering. Hence his skulking around as a wolf trying to learn all he could.
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"Quite all right. I expected it when I decided to reveal myself. I am relatively comfortable with most aspects of this new place, though I will confess to being quite...." He paused, searching for the word, and went with: "Bored with the current occupations." Namely, construction, and while he's seen errands available, that is hardly any better, and pays worse. "Menial labor is simply not what I am accustomed to, and rather a waste of my talents. If you have any advice on finding employment of a more investigative or bureaucratic nature, I would be in your debt. All of my experience is from a world quite unlike this one, and thus counts for very little here."
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"No police force. Wonderful." Of course, he hadn't seen any police force so far... but that didn't necessarily mean there wasn't one. Did there? Ugh. How barbaric. "So there are no businesses requiring someone to keep track of their shipments or sales, or requiring a secretary of sorts?" All of which were completely within his purview... and more palatable than working for mercenaries, of all people.

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