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intro log

who. everyone!
what. entering omega.
where. landing pads
when. today
warnings. none for now

You’re not sure how it happened.

A minute ago, you had somewhere to go, someplace to be. Maybe something important to do, or maybe you were just going out to buy groceries. Whatever it was, it doesn’t matter anymore.

You’re in some kind of transport -- a shuttle, given the turbulence and the sounds outside. You’re surrounded by strangers, some of whom might not even be the same species you are. There’s no point in asking. They don’t know how they got here either. The cockpit’s blocked off, like someone forgot to put in a door, and not even a glance at your omni-tool -- a holographic interface accessible by merely tapping the sensor on your left arm -- is any help.

You’ve only got a minute or so before the shuttle starts descending. There aren’t any windows -- this doesn’t look like a shuttle meant for long trips. When it finally touches down, the doors open automatically.

Before you are landing pads, abandoned equipment scattered about. There are other shuttles landing, and whether you like it or not, you’re going to have to get off before yours dumps you out the door. Turn around, and you’re met with a hazy skyline, only half the buildings seem to be coming from above.

Welcome to Omega.

ooc notes
You’re free to expand past the landing area, but please start all threads here. Please remember that your character will not have housing until Aria makes a post granting it; it’ll be on [community profile] outsiders and linked here when it goes up.
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[ There's a slightly confused looking Arthur eavesdropping on Mordin's mutterings. Reapers, war, Salarians. He goes for the one that's concerning him the most. ]

If you don't mind me overhearing - could you fill a newcomer in on what the heck a Reaper war is?

[ Playing the confused human is easy, since he is one. ]
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[Oh why would you even, there are plenty of other aliens lurking around Arthur. You've had the misfortune of asking the one that pretty much never shuts up. There's a moment where he finishes what he's doing and turns instead to him.]

Reapers race of synthetic beings. Essentially massive starships. Current data suggests one reaper between 160 km and 200 km in height. Uncertain exactly. Have not seen personally. Residents of dark space--space located between galaxies. Intent on destroying entirety of organic life in galaxy. Only reaper known destroyed in assault on Citadel.

[He's only heard rumors from the rest of Shepard's crew that's here. You're just lucky the STG has as much information as it does. Plus there are Shepard's reports on Sovereign which help to piece together details.]

Human Commander designated Shepard thwarted assault three years ago. Delayed arrival. Rumors of incredible amount of power at disposable. Capable of twisting wills of beings to own ends through process of Indoctrination.

[Inhale--gotta breathe sometime!]

Arrival imminent. However, information suggests time variance. May have already occurred. Unclear. Reapers responsible for extinction of Protheans. May not have been first extinction cycle. Suggest speaking with Liara T'Soni. Studied Protheans extensively. First to put pattern together. Hinted at extinctions of other races.
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[ Good thing that Arthur is used to Dom babbling on during his own tears. His eyebrows crawl towards his hairline, but otherwise he folds his arms and listens to the alien.

Some of the information sounds fantastical, but just realistic enough that it makes sense. Other parts make no sense at all. ]

Liara T'Soni is next on my list, but you're the one in front of me right now.

[ Now he gestures to the omni tool. ] I'm taking it you're from this station - or somewhere nearby. But you showed up later than the rest of this place, since you mentioned a time variance?
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Correct, from area. Had clinic on Omega. Recruited by human Commander designated Shepard for mission. Was on return journey to Sur'kesh--salarian homeworld.

[And now he's here.]

Suspect Blue Suns will be displeased with return. Regardless of accidental nature. Hm. [There's a brief moment where he raises his hand to his chin and then he just moves on.] No time variance in regard to memory. Six months later than last remembered date.
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[ That trips Arthur up, visibly. ]

Commander Shepard? You knew her - him - well, one?

[ Considering he'd met both a male and female version of one on Sacrosanct, he couldn't assume this alien's was the same, but still.

He tilts his head, listening. ]

The Blue Suns - whatever they were, I take it you and they didn't get along.
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Only one Commander Shepard. [There is no one like Shepard either. Get it right! He hasn't had the fortune of meeting the alternate yet.] Served under him on crew. Capable Commander. Provided excellent equipment. Love working for operations with a budget. Will make do on Omega until malfunction with relay repaired.

[Oh you get a smile for that observation.]

Mercenary group on Omega. Attempted to burn down clinic. Never saw me coming.
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[ Arthur raises a hand up, almost placating, as if saying "okay, there's only one". It's not worth getting worked up over right now, he thinks.

The operations comment makes him smile a little, though. ]

Yeah, the Commander's pretty good at organizing ops even without a budget. If she shows up here, I'm pretty sure we'll figure out what's going on quick.

[ Mercenary groups makes his ears perk up metaphorically. That could be useful, he thinks - though maybe not the Blue Suns, if they take a beef with this guy.

He doesn't think Mordin is good to get on the bad side of. ]

You ran a clinic here? What kind?
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Commander Shepard human male. [He corrects because Arthur keeps saying she and he has no idea what he's gotten that impression.] Quite certain. Already present.

[No, Mordin is definitely not someone you should get on the wrong side of. He's an incredibly useful ally. He doesn't look like much but that's why most people underestimate him. The STG training he has comes in handy at the best of times.]

Medical clinic. Provided number of services. Knowledgeable doctor. Cured plague in district once. Wished to help people. Good use of last decade.
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[ Arthur nods at that too. He's met the male counterpart as well, though not here, yet. ]

You cured the plague - wait. [ Here he chuckles. ] Probably not the same plague I'm thinking of. Still, I am impressed.

[ The last decade bit makes him curious - but he won't pry yet. ]

You have a name?
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Unlikely. Plague engineered by Collectors with aide from Reapers. Had effect on multiple races. Humans discluded. Created much distrust on Omega. Blue Suns murdered number of humans in response. Believed responsible for threat and death of own kind.

[Mordin looks unhappy but he can’t save everyone. He’d done the best that he could.]

Professor Mordin Solus.
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So this place isn't really feeling friendly to humans right about now?

[ He glances at the abnormally large amount of humans in their group with an expression that mixes somewhere between concern and resignation. ]


[ At the name, he turns back to Mordin and offers a hand. ]

Arthur, for what it's worth.
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Omega rarely friendly to humans.

[He follows the gaze and yeah, this is definitely going to be interesting. Maybe he should start doing observations and write a report on it.]

Current universal disaster may improve sentiments. Impossible to know for certain. Can only provide speculations. Suggest caution.

[Three, very long, armored and spindly fingers curl around Arthur's in a handshake.]

Names important. Difficult for salarians to forget names. Pleasure to meet you.
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I'll proceed with caution, believe me.

[ Universal disaster, he can only assume, is the Reapers that were mentioned earlier.

Arthur shakes the salarian's hand easily, letting go after a few moments. ]

You too, for what it's worth. Sound like you've been here before, which is at least a leg up on me.

[ He smiles, deprecating. ]
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[On the nose, Arthur.]

Spent several months on Omega running clinic. Cured plague. [You know, no big deal.] Not first choice for residence. Prefer homeworld. Suggest wariness when dealing with species unknown to human. Have tendency to harm humans.