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intro log

who. everyone!
what. entering omega.
where. landing pads
when. today
warnings. none for now

You’re not sure how it happened.

A minute ago, you had somewhere to go, someplace to be. Maybe something important to do, or maybe you were just going out to buy groceries. Whatever it was, it doesn’t matter anymore.

You’re in some kind of transport -- a shuttle, given the turbulence and the sounds outside. You’re surrounded by strangers, some of whom might not even be the same species you are. There’s no point in asking. They don’t know how they got here either. The cockpit’s blocked off, like someone forgot to put in a door, and not even a glance at your omni-tool -- a holographic interface accessible by merely tapping the sensor on your left arm -- is any help.

You’ve only got a minute or so before the shuttle starts descending. There aren’t any windows -- this doesn’t look like a shuttle meant for long trips. When it finally touches down, the doors open automatically.

Before you are landing pads, abandoned equipment scattered about. There are other shuttles landing, and whether you like it or not, you’re going to have to get off before yours dumps you out the door. Turn around, and you’re met with a hazy skyline, only half the buildings seem to be coming from above.

Welcome to Omega.

ooc notes
You’re free to expand past the landing area, but please start all threads here. Please remember that your character will not have housing until Aria makes a post granting it; it’ll be on [community profile] outsiders and linked here when it goes up.
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[The now-local Victorian werewolf made his way out of the throng of people quickly enough, looking like nothing more than a man severely out of time. No metal suits or tank tops for him: rather, he wears a greatcoat, top hat, and gloves paired with a waistcoat, a semi-formal jacket, and a neatly-tied cravat. Dangling from one arm by its leather-wrapped handle is his dispatch case-- a small, leather briefcase, to anyone else's eyes-- as he'd just been heading home from the office just before dawn, before the world decided to turn on its head.

He doesn't go far, yet, though. For now, he's watching, hazel eyes sharp, and attempting to make some sense of this before he finds someone to ask directly. Someone who looks at home enough who might know enough to be asked.]
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[Tony didn't look like he knew what was going on, exactly, but he did seem more annoyed than confused. The man drew his attention for the detailed costume, which was his first thought when he saw the odd clothes. He knew what was ridiculous, but he still couldn't help thinking of the racks of old, often decidedly peculiar props and costumes back at the studio. He knew people who'd have murdered... Oh, at least their coworkers for that hat alone.

He's had... some experience with people in the wrong time, though in those cases it's usually because they can't be bothered to get over themselves, or are ghosts.]

You look more lost than the rest of us.
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[Being approached first isn't what Lyall expected, but he isn't going to turn the boy away, either. Even if he, also, is dressed a bit oddly. At least he isn't wearing what seems to the werewolf as a metal suit, of all things.]

I don't know that I would say that, exactly. But I am certainly feeling a tad... out of place.

[So out of place, in fact, that it takes him that long to get to an introduction. He tips the hat politely, and offers,]

Professor Randolph Lyall. How do you do. I presume you, also, are unaware of just where we are?
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[Yup, lucky he was used to Henry, or he might have been weirded out by the aristocratic formality. As it was, he just let it roll off, though he did have the strange impulse to try and stretch his name out. He couldn't remember the last time anyone had called him "Anthony," though, so he didn't bother.]

Uh, Tony Foster. And nope. Getting on the bus isn't part of any portal opening I've ever heard of.

[Not that that precluded much, and he wouldn't have been at all surprised to find that some school of magic centered on the use of public transit that you were forced onto when your car broke down and your boyfriend couldn't get away from the set.]
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[Though Lyall hasn't a clue what a "bus" is, he lets it slide. It just reminds him how far he is from anything he recognizes, on top of everything else.]

Nor does the carriage usually turn into some kind of mass transportation. A portal, you say?

[Maybe the boy does know something more than Lyall does. He looks thoughtfully back at the airlock they came from, trying to put the word "portal" together with it. As far as he knows, all that means is "door".]
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[There doesn't seem to be much point in hedging. He's pretty sure everyone else here is in the same boat, which at least makes it more likely that the whole damn thing isn't his fault.]

I've seen doors opened to other worlds. I'm not exactly an expert, but I never got the impression it worked like this, or could be an accident, or involve so many people at once.

[Even invading shadows had had to slip through a little bit at a time.]
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Then you are well beyond I, in understanding this.

[Lyall looks somewhere between rueful and lost when saying that. This is so far beyond his understanding that he's completely lost on just how to approach it. Perhaps gathering more information is best.]

Where are you from, Mister Foster? Surely not the same place I am, not dressed like that.

[And given the variety of people around them, he's guessing not many are from the same places....]
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[Tony doesn't usually waste time being self-conscious about what he looks like, but despite the obvious reasons for the comment, it bugs him. Probably just because he's already on edge. He shifts a bit, but there's nothing he can do to make a ragged sweatshirt and worn pair of jeans look like anything else.]

Uh, Toronto originally. Vancouver for the last few years.

[And if Lyall's been keeping abreast of small cities in the Province of Canada, Toronto might mean something to him. Vancouver won't be incorporated at all for another decade from his time.]

Canada. In 2006, I mean.

[There, that might be useful, given the little evidence he has to work with.]
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Canada, of this I have heard, it is a province over on the American continent, is it not? Though the cities-- oh dear.

[It takes him a beat to even recognize that as a year, but once he does, he stares.]

That cannot be possible. The year is only eighteen seventy-five.
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Yeah, I thought I was getting an old-world vibe off you.

[Though he'd brought it up more because different worlds reckoned time differently. The thought of actual time travel, rather than just being really old or moving around between realities, is a new one.]

You kinda remind me of a vampire I know.

[Though he speaks a bit distractedly, now that he's had the idea. Maybe this is another time, rather than another world? Everything does look very science-fictiony.]
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[Lyall has the wherewithall to not look offended. Just barely. But he does kind of side-eye Tony a little bit, and offer a correction.]

I am most certainly not a vampire, Mister Foster. I am a werewolf. Quite different.
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Oh. Sorry.

[That's a lot more on the nose than he expected to be, frankly. He certainly didn't know it was a faux pas.]

I don't know any werewolves personally, or not that've told me about it. I just thought of Henry because he's five hundred and gets a little, um, old fashioned sometimes.

[In his own very particular way.]
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Ah, well, some vampires can be, clinging to the time they were turned. And werewolves too, for that matter.

[None of which is helping the current matter at all, though. Lyall looks about once more.]

I still do not understand just how you can be from over a century in the future from I, but then, I do not understand how the carriage turned into that awful contraption we arrived in, either. So perhaps I should simply take things as they come.
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[Good to know Henry's not unique. Well, in that respect.]

Yeah, that's all a mystery to me. My guess remains some variant on portal spells, but the scale is too crazy for me to get my head around. And if people are coming from different times, then that's just...

[He indulges in a slow, heavy sigh. Experience has taught him that it's usually his job to fix this kind of thing.]
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[Shaking his head a little, Lyall can only assimilate from the one with more experience than he has. What an odd situation to be in.]

One would assume that if we were all summoned, there would be someone here to collect us. But no one here looks as if they know a thing about the situation, much less what to do with us.

[Even those who appeared to be locals are staring at the growing crowd quite oddly, and Lyall has certainly noticed.]

I wonder if they will even bother trying to determine what to do with us... how large is this place?
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And what would you even do with this many confused people? Unless they're going to eat us or perform a mass sacrifice or something... And even that seems inefficient.

[Tony's never less comforting than when he's thinking out loud.]

It could be some kind of ridiculous, stupid accident, I guess. Magic will do that sometimes.

[But that's not a satisfying conclusion at all.]
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Quite a scale for an accident, ridiculous or not.

[Lyall heaves a little sigh.]

Perhaps when those contraptions have finished disgorging people, one can slip back aboard before they leave. Otherwise we will be stuck here for as long as it takes for the local authorities to work out where we came from. Which, knowing many local authorities that I am familiar with, may not ever happen at all.
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Think we could just turn around and go back?

[That sounds like breaking the rules, but breaking the rules is most of what Tony does. He's something of a mistakomancer at the best of times.]

Might actually work, if we could figure out where the door we can from even is. But I don't remember a physical door.

[Making this more like a demon thing than a human thing. Why does it always have to be demons?]
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There was the door to the Woolsey carriage. Though it has never taken me anywhere before besides the inside of the carriage, so perhaps that is a different kind of door you mean.

[It is all quite baffling. How can one be so suddenly transported from one place to another, like this? Especially a place so utterly foreign. Not even manifesting ghosts have quite such instantenious travel.]

Perhaps it would be best to start asking about. We are gaining nothing by standing about theorizing on so little information. Do we even know where we are, at this point?
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Having a physical door is kind of new...

[Probably not the best thing to be speculating, though. The dapper werewolf is right.]

Everyone else looks as confused as we are, though. Maybe someone will own up to mass interdimensional kidnapping if we ask nicely.

[He stood up a little straighter, rather absurdly looking around for someone who looked like they might be an evil wizard.]
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Try looking for someone who is looking at us as if we do not belong, rather than someone who is looking at the surroundings as if they do not belong,

[Lyall offers, a bit amused-sounding.]

And perhaps we ought to split up. We will likely cover more ground that way.
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The least confused person in the room. Got it.

[He's had stranger targets.]

Well, catch you again if we don't figure out a quick ride home. If we do, um, enjoy the past.
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[Looking tolerantly amused, but pleasant at the same time, Lyall tips his hat.]

I look forward to comparing notes at some point, Mister Foster. Good luck.