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intro log

who. everyone!
what. entering omega.
where. landing pads
when. today
warnings. none for now

You’re not sure how it happened.

A minute ago, you had somewhere to go, someplace to be. Maybe something important to do, or maybe you were just going out to buy groceries. Whatever it was, it doesn’t matter anymore.

You’re in some kind of transport -- a shuttle, given the turbulence and the sounds outside. You’re surrounded by strangers, some of whom might not even be the same species you are. There’s no point in asking. They don’t know how they got here either. The cockpit’s blocked off, like someone forgot to put in a door, and not even a glance at your omni-tool -- a holographic interface accessible by merely tapping the sensor on your left arm -- is any help.

You’ve only got a minute or so before the shuttle starts descending. There aren’t any windows -- this doesn’t look like a shuttle meant for long trips. When it finally touches down, the doors open automatically.

Before you are landing pads, abandoned equipment scattered about. There are other shuttles landing, and whether you like it or not, you’re going to have to get off before yours dumps you out the door. Turn around, and you’re met with a hazy skyline, only half the buildings seem to be coming from above.

Welcome to Omega.

ooc notes
You’re free to expand past the landing area, but please start all threads here. Please remember that your character will not have housing until Aria makes a post granting it; it’ll be on [community profile] outsiders and linked here when it goes up.
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[South recognizes that armor. She's surprised, but that surprise is easily superseded by the need to stick to what she knows. If there's one thing she's learned from being thrown into weird environments, it's to not take any chances.

York looks... very different though.

... Yeah, she stops in her approach and just... stares for a second, unsure.

Oh, what the hell.
] Hey! York!
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[ It's been eight months since York's so much as seen South -- any South -- but it's not like she could forget that voice. York turns on her heel to respond almost before she remembers that South, this South, probably knows York as a guy like everybody else she's come across from her universe. South had to have noticed that she's not a dude by now. And yeah, okay, the armor's a dead giveaway, but -- just for a second, the thought that South might be from her timeline crosses her mind.

Still, there's a look on her face that suggests that might not be the case, and York hesitates, raising an eyebrow. ]

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[The fact that she recognizes her just makes it sink in. Okay, first a Washington from the ~future~ who spent time in some weird-ass city, and now a female York? Jesus.]

You-... It really is you?

[Give her a second to wrap her brain around it okay.]
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The armor's a dead giveaway, huh?

[ York cracks a smile, though it's wry and a little sheepish. South has never been the easiest person to explain things to, either. ]

Let me guess -- the York you knew's a guy, right? Man, I swear, every time.
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Yeah. Just a bit.

[She nods, slowly. She's still a little stunned, but uh... it'll get easier. Right? Right?!]

I-- Yeah. He is. So you're from... some other version of everything. Isn't that how this goes?
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Generally speaking.

[ York offers her a sheepish half-grin, trying to make this a little less uncomfortable. South is obviously, uh, thrown by the whole thing. ]

You okay? I mean -- it's weird, gettin' thrown into someplace like this all of a sudden.
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I'm fine. [... she says all too quickly because she's kind of not. Oh South.]

This happened to me before. There was a spaceship. The Tranquility. North and Carolina were there. And Wash, for a little bit. But he said something about some stupid city, and said he was from the future. [She rolls her eyes.]

"Every time," huh? So you've been thrown around before too?
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[ York can tell South's far from okay, but she doesn't think it'll be particularly helpful to call her out on it. She just nods, with understanding -- taking it in stride, like York always does.

She rolls her shoulders in a shrug, nodding in response to South's question. ]

Yeah, me too. Spent about eight months on a giant space station. It was all right, except for the part where it was run by a rampant AI. Not exactly a friendly vacation spot.