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intro log

who. everyone!
what. entering omega.
where. landing pads
when. today
warnings. none for now

You’re not sure how it happened.

A minute ago, you had somewhere to go, someplace to be. Maybe something important to do, or maybe you were just going out to buy groceries. Whatever it was, it doesn’t matter anymore.

You’re in some kind of transport -- a shuttle, given the turbulence and the sounds outside. You’re surrounded by strangers, some of whom might not even be the same species you are. There’s no point in asking. They don’t know how they got here either. The cockpit’s blocked off, like someone forgot to put in a door, and not even a glance at your omni-tool -- a holographic interface accessible by merely tapping the sensor on your left arm -- is any help.

You’ve only got a minute or so before the shuttle starts descending. There aren’t any windows -- this doesn’t look like a shuttle meant for long trips. When it finally touches down, the doors open automatically.

Before you are landing pads, abandoned equipment scattered about. There are other shuttles landing, and whether you like it or not, you’re going to have to get off before yours dumps you out the door. Turn around, and you’re met with a hazy skyline, only half the buildings seem to be coming from above.

Welcome to Omega.

ooc notes
You’re free to expand past the landing area, but please start all threads here. Please remember that your character will not have housing until Aria makes a post granting it; it’ll be on [community profile] outsiders and linked here when it goes up.
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carrying over cr from the test drive meme y/y okay good.

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[this time, he doesn't mistake her for the wrong person - or rather, the person he thinks she should be in that armor. when he reaches out to touch her shoulder, he's expecting the fact he sees when she turns around, and since he isn't wearing his helmet this time around, he can smile at her in greeting.] Hi again. Having any luck finding your way around here?

[because he isn't. he very much isn't.]
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[ York gives him an easy smile, although it's not like she's totally at ease here, either. She nods at him, shrugging one shoulder. ]

Hey, funny thing runnin' into you again. I'm...y'know. I'm gettin' by.

[ And she looks at him almost critically, cocking her head slightly to one side. He might not be familiar with her, but she definitely knows North. ]

You look like you're...not so much gettin' by.
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[neither of them are going to be at ease here - for a while, at least. but he supposes that goes without saying, because this is such an unfamiliar place.

and while this might not be the york he's familiar with, it doesn't surprise him that she picks up on how he's acting. this is york, after all, and even if she's different from the one he knows, it doesn't mean she's not still the same person.

just .. a different gender.]
That obvious? Sheesh .. I'm just tired, mostly. Theta's been worried. Restless.

[a pause.] You .. know about him, don't you?
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[ Ah, shit, that's right. Theta. York can't help but frown, even momentarily. This has to be tough on the little guy, and okay, she's always kind of had a soft spot for Theta.

His question gets her attention, though, and she raises on eyebrow. ]

You're...gonna have to be more specific, man.

[ There's a lot she knows about now. North could be talking about anything. ]

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[he only asks because if things are different from wherever she's from - just for the simple fact that she's female - he doesn't know if there's a difference in the ai. if she has delta, or if he even exists.]

I mean .. has the Project started assigning AI to the agents where you're from?

[there's a pause, and a hopeful:] Do you have Delta?
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Oh -- trust me, man, I know about the AI.

[ She knows all about them, thanks to Wash. But she's not surprised he asks -- he has no way of knowing, and hey, she doesn't even have the bad eye.

His second question, though -- ouch. York's had eight long months to come to terms with a lot of things, but she's never really been able to resolve her guilt about Delta. Her Delta. Her expression flickers, her mouth twitches, but she forces a tight smile at North, though she doesn't really look at him. ]

No, I -- I don't have him. Not anymore, anyway.

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[he's momentarily relieved - because at least that isn't something that they're going to have to go over in great detail. if she already knows about them, it's one less step they're going to have to take to get to know each other.

as they should, anyway.

but whens he says she doesn't have delta - anymore - he has to ask:]
What do you mean, not anymore?
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[ York's definitely not looking at him now -- looking at anything but him, her eyes settling instead to fix on a rapidly blinking neon sign a couple hundred feet away. It's a little astonishing, really, how her chest still gets kind of tight whenever this comes up with somebody new, somebody who doesn't know. She's never been able to get closure on that, not when the Delta on Sacrosanct had held it against her for so long. ]

I, uh... I -- I had to give him up.
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[north's brows furrow a bit at what she says - because he doesn't understand. doesn't understand why she would have had to give him up.

so, of course, he has to ask.]
Why would you ever have to do that?
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[ jesus christ man talk about hard-hitting questions

York shifts uneasily, sucking on her teeth for a moment before she opts to speak. She huffs out a humorless laugh, more a feeble attempt to lighten the mood than anything. ]

I dunno, man, it's kind of a long story. You sure you really wanna sit through that?

[ She's not sure if she wants to sit through it. But knowing North, it might not be so easy to convince him. ]
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[he has to ask these questions, okay! just .. let him get this out of his system and he won't bring it up anymore.

especially once he realizes how sore of a topic it is for york.

he can already tell that she doesn't want to talk about it, and he waves a hand dismissively. while he wants to know, he won't push.]
Hey, you don't have to explain anything to me. I .. was just curious.

[way to poke at a sore, north.]
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[ She's relieved, sure, but the fact that she'd had to think about it at all still bugs at her. It's not like she's ever forgotten -- there's no way she could -- but she supposes she spends more time trying not to think too hard about it than she's ready to admit to herself. She's quick to play it off with another uneasy laugh, shaking her head. ]

No, no, it's -- it's fine, man. I get it. I'd be curious too, you know? It really is a long story, though.
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[if he'd known anything about what she'd gone through, of course he wouldn't have asked. but since his york still has delta and everything seems peachy keen? it's just .. odd to think that somewhere, it isn't.]

Well .. then let's talk about something else, huh?

[because there aren't very many times that north has ever put his foot in his mouth, and he's eager to rectify the situation.]
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[ Ah, like she could even blame him for that. It's not really his fault. It is surprising, and she doesn't begrudge him being curious about it. Maybe she'd tell him, if they weren't in the middle of the busy Omega public.

She manages to crack half a smile, shrugging with one shoulder. ]

Yeah, sure. Anything you want, man.

[ She's pretty happy to talk about anything besides that. ]
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[even if she can't blame him for it, he stills feels like a fool for bringing it up in the first place. how could he have thought, that since in her universe she's a woman things wouldn't have been different with her ai, as well?

if she wants to tell him, whether now or later, she'll be more than welcome, but he won't be bringing it up again unless it's on her terms.

that smile, though .. it's more york than he thinks anything ever could be, because the york he knows has always been the type to look on the bright side of things. try to pick the mood up when it falls.

.. now he's just trying to think of something else to talk about.]
Finding your way around here okay?

[.. wow, talk about the lamest thing he could possibly think to ask. sheesh.]
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[ Man, it doesn't matter how lame the topic is, York's happy to latch onto it. It probably says a lot more about her situation, her timeline, than anything else, that she doesn't shrug it off so much as immediately leap for the next topic of conversation that comes up. ]

I'm -- yeah, I'm doin' all right. Not exactly the friendliest place, but honestly, I'm likin' the change of scenery.