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[ open log with york ]

who. agent york and YOU!!
what. fightin' adjutants and tryin' to survive during the event
where. anywhere in zeta district
when. all during the event -- friday, saturday, and sunday!
warnings. violence, probably!

[ Well, there's one thing York can say for Omega so far, and that's that the place is never boring. At Sacrosanct, things could go quiet and dull for weeks on end, but here, there's always something going on. And while she'd rather it were something a little less deadly, she'll take what she can get.

She has to be careful here, because there aren't any teleporters they'll pop back out from if they die. Here, they've only got one life. So she's being about as careful as she can stand to be, always leaving the apartment clad in full armor and well-armed. She doesn't know how many of these things there are roaming around out here, but there are plenty to kill, that's for sure. Besides which, she knows there have to be folks out there who can't defend themselves -- and okay, York doesn't really consider herself a hero or anything, but she figures as long as she's out here shooting these things she might as well be doing some good.

She can be found around the district at varying points over the weekend, either keeping the adjutants from getting too close to her and Wash's apartment, or venturing out to other areas to do a little pest control. She'll be happy to temporarily team up with anyone else out shooting adjutants, and to save anyone who might need it -- or if your character is more the type to do the saving, feel free. York needs her ass saved once in a while, too. ]
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[If anyone knows the scuzziest parts of Omega, it's Garrus, and here he is, prowling along the catwalks, keeping a sharp eye out for anyone stupidly brave enough to try and fight these things, or anyone with enough bad luck to get caught in their path]

[So when he sees a somewhat familiar set of armor (it takes him a moment to place it), he can't help a small grin of sorts]

Going at it alone? I take back everything else-- you're definitely crazy. Just in a different way.

[Not that he doubts her capability, getting a good look at her equipment. Seriously York, you look like you pack a punch]
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Depends-- need someone who knows the ins and outs of this place, and can deal some serious long range damage?

[It's almost like a trick question there]
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[Garrus matches York's grin with one of his own, his voice practically swimming in smugness]

Make it two drinks, and I'll even get us out with some extra style.
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Slow down there, York. I promise you won't miss the show.

[He chuckles softly before taking a few steps forward, following the narrow path ahead of him fairly well, even in the dimmed lights]

I've got you covered. You're clear up ahead, and I don't see any places for an ambush.
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Fall back more! I've got a mine set and ready to go!

[Using the Mantis as a propeller, he launches said mine right into the adjutants' path, the small explosion enough to stagger them backwards.]

You got any incendiaries?

[He readies a concussive round in the meantime]
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That's fine. I've got my own.

[Switching to incendiary ammo now...!]

[Garrus catches the adjutant's head in his sights before releasing the concussive round, et voila, a nice, fiery exploding head, probably a bit too close to York's face for comfort]
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Got pretty close there, sorry.

[He's seen and heard far too many shell shocked soldiers to believe she's anything close to calm right now, but he masks the worry in his voice well enough]

You all right?
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[A second or two passes before Garrus responds. Even from his perch, a critical eye glances over York as he shelves her reaction to the back of his mind. It wasn't his place to dig any deeper; they simply didn't know each other that well just yet. Still, freezing in the middle of a battle, no matter how brief, only ended in disaster, lucky streaks aside.]

[Garrus' visor blipped with new instructions, set now for optimal algorithms to fit civilian protection. He can't trust York to hold her own, at least for now.]

All right. Let's get going.
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Hey, I wouldn't say that.

[A beat]

Nah, that's a lie. I totally do. Just follow me.

[See, York? He's trying to make you feel better]
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They're called adjutants.

[Garrus' voice wavers with distraction and the steady rhythm of subtle movement as he trots on ahead. Even with his plated feet and heavy armor, the rafters barely creak with each well practiced movement.]

[A clear heading makes room for a thin underlying layer of relief, too]

Never really fought them myself until now, but my CO's tangled with them before. Nasty sons of bitches. Some kind of Cerberus experiment gone wrong. Biotics, huge, but good at keeping quiet until they have you where they want you. They like to suck you dry and replace your DNA with theirs, or something along those lines.

[There's the briefest lull of silence as he rests his gun against a handhold. A visor is good for the immediate area, and technology is a wonderful gift that makes killing all the more easier, and without the hassle of an unfortunate ambush.]

[But nothing beats a good, old fashioned combination of instinct and a manual scope.]

Anyway, whatever they do, you either wind up as one of them, or a smear along the ground. If you hear any whispers, you know they're close by.

And it goes without saying, but don't follow 'em.
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Human Alliance black ops group that went above and beyond rogue. They hate anything that isn't human, but don't seem too adverse to endangering them, either.

What were you saying about this 'Freelancer' thing? You know, since we're sharing and all.
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AI huh?

Nooothing ever goes smooth when AI get involved. Ever.

[He huffs]

So, did someone go insane, or did you have some sort of uprising? It's usually one or the other with these things.
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Isn't that how it always is?

[Mirroring York, any snark evaporates from Garrus' tone. Thanks to the Reaper War, and all of the conflicts surrounding it, he's had more than his fair share of unsavory experiences with just how far the higher ups were willing to go, and the soldiers who bore the brunt of the consequences of their moral bankruptcy.]

[Garrus is all for the ends justifying the means, but only if the end meant progression. From the sound of York's voice, 'progression' didn't even rear its head]

Whatever wound up happening, you have my condolences.

:> Works for me!

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