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who. those who signed up to take part in the warehouse take-down - and anyone else that decides to join in the fight.
what. in which we reach the end of the adjutants.
where. the warehouse these abominations originated from.
when. today.
warnings. violence, the killing of zombies, etc.

It seems as though the adjutants are mostly gone. Those of you who have chosen to keep fighting to keep everyone safe have made it to the warehouse these abominations have originated from - and once you're inside, there's nothing but a mess. There's rubble everywhere, in your way as you make your way forward, and to put it mildly, it looks as though this place has been the subject of a zombie outbreak.

Which, essentially, it has.

Inside the warehouse, you find Cerberus agents have been holing themselves up. They seem frightened, completely overwhelmed by the situation, and when you approach them, they say only that they want to get out. They want to defect from the organization, and start fresh. But here's the thing -

Do you believe them? Do you think that they want nothing more to do with this, and to redeem themselves? Or do you think they're lying, just to get out and further wreak havoc?

What you do with them is up to you.

((ooc: The choices for this log, again, are here. If you choose neither the paragon nor renegade options, please note what you choose to do in your thread. That said, this is the end of the event, and we hope you enjoyed it. And even though this is the end, players can backtag as long as they want. Have fun!))
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Paragon (of course)

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Stepping carefully over bits of rubble was preferable to stepping carefully over bodies, and while the body count from this catastrophe could have been a lot worse, it could have not happened at all.

Her jaw set and expression cold, Shepard's voice is steel when she tells the Cerberus agents that, considering they restarted the problem after it had been ended by hers and Aria's hands, they should face prosecution.

But that's not Shepard's decision. It's Aria's.

So she proposes this: force them to destroy all research, all copies, all samples and traces...and then take them to Aria for judgement. After that...?
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Playing second gun (second wolf?) to Shepard's stern frontlining is working out fairly well, particularly when tracking down where the monsters are coming from. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean he agrees with all of her decisions.

Still wolf-shaped, he gives her a questioning look and an interrogative little whine. It's not that he disapproves of sparing them... it's that he disapproves of destroying their research! Dangerous or not, it could be useful, couldn't it?