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Undead Hunting the Undead [OPEN]

who. Randolph Lyall and OPEN
what. Lyall is going hunting
where. The Zeta District
when. Friday evening through Sunday morning
warnings. Here there be Adjutants, mostly being dismembered, occasionally being eaten...

Lyall doesn't take lightly being attacked. It's disrespectful, it's disruptive, and above all, it's messy. But he's a Beta in the biggest pack in England, for Pete's sake, so at least he knows how to deal with it when it happens. Even when it happens to be done by giant glowing monsters that smell even more stale than a vampire.

After the second attack he runs into, he's done being reactive. It's hard enough to kill him that he's not too worried about what they might do to him, and they have a ridiculously unique scent to trace, so once he gets the chance to change forms, painful process and all, he's off hunting. And, in the case of the freshest of the new beasts, the ones that are infected on the station itself, occasionally stealing a few bites of flesh to help him heal and stave off that need for red meat in something "safe", as it were, to munch on.

Even if it's a bit embarrassing when he's caught at it.

((catch-all log for pre-warehouse shenanigans X3 feel free to post whenever/wherever during the attacks and I'll work with it!))

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[personal profile] traineeassistantdirector 2013-02-24 04:56 am (UTC)(link)
It should be quite easy to kill Tony, but given all the times it hasn't happened, something must be protecting him. He's been relying thus far on luck as he aims for that safehouse, but he pulls up short when he almost walks into a big furry animal nibbling on space-robot-zombie.

He has to ask. If he remembers Vicki's stories properly, werewolves are perfectly cognizant in their four-legged forms. "Uh... Lyall?"
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[personal profile] traineeassistantdirector 2013-02-26 08:47 pm (UTC)(link)
"Oh, uh, carry on. I guess." He doesn't seem to need help, and Tony's not sure what the protocol is, here. He really wishes now that he'd gotten himself introduced to Henry's werewolf friends. He might have some idea if he committed a big breach. Though under the circumstances, weird magical etiquette probably isn't a big deal. "Though, uh, if you want to keep moving with backup, I can stick around... while you finish?" Ew.
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Tony hasn't been blasting any big outpourings of magic yet, so he's only a bit drained and exhausted, probably not worse than most people confronted with a situation of the kind. He does remember Vicki saying that werewolves did behave a bit like dogs and liked being petted. He'd thought it was hilarious at the time, but at least now he figures it's okay to accept the nose pressed to his hand and scratch the animal's ears.
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Eventually, Tony might figure out that werewolves as he's heard of them aren't quite the same as the fuzzy gentleman he's met in space. Until then, he'll go along comfortably ignorant.

But it's true that the respite's gone on a bit long, and one of the things does appear, moving faster than Tony thinks if fair, under the circumstances. Taken by surprise out in the open, and not stopping to think that the werewolf's clearly got some method for coping, Tony lets out an incinerating bolt of energy. That does its job, reducing the center mass of the thing to greasy ash and scattering the rest, but like most of Tony's poorly-planned efforts, it's a lot of flash followed by nasty backlash. He groans a bit as dots dance before his eyes and he suddenly feels like he's at the end of the third eighteen-hour shift in as many days. Without catering. Hopefully there's not another one back there. "Shit."
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"Thanks," he grunts, accepting what sounds like scolding, if it came from a dog. "That's not the way to do that, but I never really did learn the real way, and the magic here is screwy." It often feels like being a novice again. His amazing knack for grabbing anything he wants does seem to have dissipated. "I really torched him, didn't I? Not as tough as demons, I guess." Normally that would have been more of a gaping hole situation. Immolation was probably overkill.
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He doesn't have it in him to feel silly about a wolf guiding him around. Getting out of the main thoroughfare is probably a good idea. Probably. Hard to say, really. Maybe the out of the way places are more full of monsters. If so, he'll blast them a little more gently. And pass out. Hrm.

"I need better plans," he says, mostly to himself, as he sees a door slightly ajar and pokes at it. No one inside. Good. He'll just take a seat for a second.
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Tony tries not to stare, but Vicki never mentioned the change being so agonizing to watch and hear. It's certainly worse to experience, but he feels a bit like the jerk slowing down on the street to gawk at a car accident.

"That, um, wasn't necessary... I mean, you can go and do your thing. I'll be okay." Though he looks appreciative despite himself. He's gotten used to having backup, and while a fairly nice werewolf from the past isn't really a wide assortment of devoted friends, ex- and current lovers, benign supernaturals, journalists, Mounties, actors, entertainment professionals, and an immortal hooker, it's something.
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"I haven't figured out a better way to accomplish that particular trick," he says, looking appropriately sheepish. "I've been improving to the point where I know some actual spells, but there isn't a spell for exploding big monsters into bacon mist in a way that doesn't make me useless for a while." Being scolded about it makes him feel more at home, though. "It worked last demon incursion. ...Barely."
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"When I do magic properly, meditation and common sense will do it. But what I just did is using my own resources instead of proper magic, so usually I eat a couple chickens and sleep until I have to be on set." At Tony's size, his suggestion sounds ridiculous, and it's certainly not pleasant to watch, but somehow stuffing his face allows his body to fix itself. "In the meantime, I take in my clothes a little more."
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"Probably. It's a lot less emotionally satisfying." But without Lee it's probably the best he can hope for. "And I really could keep moving as long as I didn't have to do that again." He'd hate to be a burden. He's used to being the hero in these circumstances, admittedly a hero who occasionally needs to be carried to the couch to crash for a few hours. Lyall's mild efficiency is a little disconcerting.
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"I can do a few smaller spells and not keel over, I think," he says, trying to sound confident. "I've had to haul myself through worse than this, and I'd had less practice back then." He's trying to convince himself as much as his companion. Those blasts leave his body a mess even now that he's built up some defenses. "Even if I could eat the whole catering table right now."
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"Sure." Now he's determined to do it. He's too accustomed to being the one who does the saving to be comfortable otherwise, even when it's someone he trusts and respects. Coming from a man who's perfectly pleasant but mostly a stranger, it's uncomfortable.
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The problem with stations is that resources are precious; food, waste disposal, water, air... Even on large, mostly residential space stations like the Citadel or Omega, pets are a luxury that few can afford, and even those who can usually choose not to.

So it may not be very surprising when, doing a sweep for civilians or groups of adjutants, Shepard stops and stares upon finding...something canine, for sure. Small for a dog, almost fox-like. Strange. So...if a pet, one belonging to someone rich enough to afford it and interested in an...unusual animal.

Shepard cocks her head, curiously, before looking around for any immediate signs of danger. Then she squats down, keeping a respectful distance, but holding out the hand that isn't holding a massive assault rifle.

"...Where did you even come from?"