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→ everyday he's shufflin' (closed)

who. york ([personal profile] neverknocks and joker ([personal profile] airraid)
what. planning out illegal things just two bros getting to know each other and possibly entering business together.
where. york's place.
when. right now.
warnings. joker being himself and possible talk of extorting the entire station.

It might have taken him more than a couple of minutes to find where York was, given the coordinates she'd sent him - but he makes it there just fine, hobbling along as he's wont to do, and he raps on the door with a couple of sharp knocks, stands back and waits to be let in.

It doesn't really matter if she's serious about her business being legit or not .. he's been wanting to get to know her better since they'd first met, and this is a pretty good opportunity, if you ask him. It seems they might get alone pretty well.

Especially in that "so how about we pull one over on everyone" sort of way.
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The security system she's managed to rig isn't the fanciest around, but with what she had to work with, it's pretty decent. She gets a ping on her omni-tool that there's someone outside the door before Joker even has a chance to knock, and with a few swipes of her fingers over the holographic interface she buzzes him in, and the door opens for him.

"Hey, c'mon in," York says, not far from the doorway, and she grins, gesturing to the couch. She's never really asked him about it directly, but it's not like she hasn't noticed the limp. She figures the guy probably doesn't like standing for too long. "Roommate's out for the day. You want somethin' to drink?"
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York sticks her head into the fridge in the kitchen that's attached to the living room. The place is even smaller than her and Wash's last apartment had been on Sacrosanct, but they've been making do. It's still an improvement over the Mother of Invention. "We got...water, and what I think is beer. I haven't tried it yet." York pulls a couple of bottles out of the fridge, holding one out to Joker in case he wants one.

"Yeah, we did all right," she says with a little half-grin, scuffing her foot on the floor. "Not as nice as our last place, but y'know, so long as the door locks at night, I'm good."
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"Wash? Yeah, sorta. I mean -- same universe, different timeline. It's kinda complicated." Well, okay, maybe 'I'm actually a dude in everyone else's timeline but mine' isn't all that complicated. But that's only part of it. There were a whole host of things that had gone down differently in Wash's timeline.

She takes a drink, moving to sit on the arm of the couch, shrugging. "But you didn't come here to talk about my roommate."
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"You wanna get to know me, you better buy me a drink," York snorts, but she's just teasing. She likes Joker well enough so far, sure -- more than most people on this shitty station, if she's perfectly honest. He's good for a laugh. But the question is, can she trust him?

She shrugs again, crossing one leg over the other. "Breaking security's pretty much what I do -- did for a living. Turning it the other way around isn't exactly hard, and if I wanted to swindle some people silly, that probably wouldn't be too hard, either." The not getting caught part might be a little trickier, but she's not about to bring that up yet. "So I guess if I'm running some kinda racket here -- and I'm not sayin' I am -- the real question is, what would I need you for? Sounds like I'd be doin' all the work."
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"Yeah? What, does the ace military pilot have a degree in accounting and money laundering I don't know about?" York cocks an eyebrow at him, looking skeptical. She's still not sure if she can trust Joker with an operation like this. She'd like to think she can, but it's too soon to tell just yet. "I'll admit, I'm not exactly from the neighborhood, but why let you help, anyway? How do I know you're not just gonna take the money and run, or leave me high and dry?"
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"Mysterious isn't really a quality I like in a guy who's handling my money," York says, cocking an eyebrow. She really does like Joker, but she's got to be sure. Then again, he's native to this universe, isn't he? He might have information she doesn't. Basic level stuff she hasn't managed to pick up yet. At the very least, he might be able to help her see the more obvious pitfalls and mistakes. "What kinda test run are we talkin' about?"
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"You can do me one better," York says, looking thoughtful. "I mean, yeah, potential clients are good, but if you can get me some information about bank infrastructures, how the systems work -- that's good as gold, right there."

She doesn't like to admit that she doesn't have that kind of information already, but it would've come out eventually. She looks pensive for another moment, then her face breaks into a grin. "If you get me some solid info, I think I could probably find a way to trust you. And if you prove like you're not gonna screw me over first chance you get, you could help me put together the final touches. Any racket needs a good cover, and you're a little more familiar with the neighborhood than I am."
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"Hey, I'm patient. I'll give you two days." She'll just have to see what he comes up with, and then she'll make a final decision. She hopes he comes back with good info. She'd like to work with him. He's got a good sense of humor. She gives him a quizzical look, though, sipping at her beer. "EDI?"
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York raises an eyebrow at that last comment, but she looks otherwise amused -- and more curious than anything, really. "Shipboard AI, huh? That would be useful. Trust me, if I still had my AI buddy knockin' around, I'd already have my hands on all this information."

Because Delta, even being from another universe, would know how to find that kind of information. Hell, York could probably find it herself, but it'd take her a whole lot longer. Man, she could really use Delta right about now. Not only just for this, but because she misses him. But right now, she's got Joker. And hopefully, that'll be enough.

"So what do you want with the money, anyway?"
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"Yeah, somehow I doubt that," York mutters, but she can't help but smile at the thought. Delta...well, he was kind of a little shit when he wanted to be, but he had his own sense of humor, too. Man, she misses the little cockbite. "Yeah, I've heard you toot your own horn before, but I've never actually seen you fly anything. But hey, it's your money. Or would be, anyway. I guess if you crash that shuttle, that's all on you."
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"Oh yeah?" York looks at him, eyebrows raised, giving him an appraising look. He looks pretty confident. Not just cocky -- he's got the kind of self-assuredness that comes with experience and success. She decides Joker is maybe worth taking a gamble on. If he pulls through for her.

She rolls the bottle in her hands, back and forth, as if in thought. "All right, I'm game. If you get me the info I need."