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who. Lisbeth Salander & Randolph Lyall
what. Apartment hunting and conversational attempt at being roommates ):<
where. Zeta District | Apartment Complex Area
when. ~fluid time and space~
warnings. None.

The apartments were the first thing Lisbeth had considered after that little deal with Aria, because it meant a starting point where she could finally be alone and sort out the emotions that came with arriving here. Not that she wanted to, because there were some things she needed to process and move on. Omega served as the basis for a place to hide, somewhere she wasn't likely to get caught at all, and because of that, she finally felt a slight relief come off her shoulders. Until today, she had been moving here and there, blending in as best as she could with the crowd with black lipstick, eyeliner, her entire outfit looking as if she just came from a rock concert. She was an outsider back home, and just the same here, shrugging off the occasional glance with a glare right back.

Making her way towards the latest complex, she had already dealt with a handful of rejections, just because she didn't look capable enough of holding her own, or they cost too much, or whatever bullshit reason it seemed the latest alien species used to keep her out of them. Roommates were her last resort, and one she absolutely wanted to avoid at all costs, just because she didn't trust anyone to keep out of her personal possessions and business.

"Are you kidding me?" She says, glaring at the Vorcha that had flat out said she needed a roommate, because Aria's protection, or rather, Aria herself, didn't cut it for a reference. "Do I look like the kind of person who wants a roommate?"
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Lyall is currently lacking in living space, as well, though it bothers him mostly because he life without a closet, a change of clothes, and a proper bath have left him feeling wrinkled and unpresentable, not because he feels unsafe anywhere. He is, after all, a wolf.

But now that he's at least somewhat familiar with the layout of the place, has managed to barter a few of his possessions for a spare set of clothes-- folded carefully inside his dispatch case, along with some of those disgusting things they called "food" here-- it really is time to get somewhere to live. It's really just chance that he comes by that particular block when Lisbeth is making her protest.

"I'm afraid most of us do not look the kind of person who wants a roommate," he comments from behind her, tipping his hat politely once she turns to see who interrupted the conversation. "So that's the way of it, then? No rooms available?"
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"I'm afraid 'affording' is something I'm not likely to manage any time soon," Lyall admits ruefully. "I know next to nothing about the technology here, though I have at least learned how to question the Vee Aye."

He still says it as if it's a word unto itself rather than an abbreviation, and it probably sounds a bit silly.

"I know so few people here, I cannot imagine finding a roommate without it being a completely blind sort of affair." And of course it won't occur to him to offer to her. She's a young lady he's only just met. It wouldn't be appropriate to put himself forward like that. He does, however, add an introduction: "Professor Randolph Lyall, originally of London, eighteen seventy-five. How do you do?"
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Not offering a hand is fine with Lyall. He, instead, offers a little bow, and then a question, meant in honest curiousity. "What about the location is pointless? It seems like we are trapped here, at least until someone catches one of those shuttles back to wherever they came from, and I have yet to hear of anyone managing it. Oughtn't one to make the best of it, and try to at least settle in a bit, for the interim?"

As much as he would love to be back with his pack, rather than alone out in the void that is this... strange place, Lyall is at least resigned to it not being a short trip.
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"Mostly because I am growing a bit weary of a lack of amenities," Lyall explains with a slight cough. He doesn't want to get more detailed than that in police company, given speaking about toilette is not generally done where he's from. Even a mention of shaving-- which thankfully he does not have to contend with-- is taboo. "I really should at least settle for the moment, as escape does not seem to be immediately forthcoming. If you have any suggestions that a more modern individual would be aware of, as opposed to one of my time, however, I would be... glad of the advice."

She seems to at least have herself well in hand, even if her luck with finding housing is not much better than his own.