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god forbid i would show some understanding

who. Severa, York
what. Severa crosses the wrong turian and ends up in a bar fight
where. The Quad
when. After her gun training session, in the wake of the shuttle explosion
warnings. A very stupid, cocky teenager

"You wanna repeat that?"

Of course, Severa knew better than to actually answer, once she knew she'd insulted the birdlike creature—a turian, decked in a shade of blue she'd seen on a few other aliens around here. But there was no way he'd actually attack her. And even if he did, Severa knew that she'd probably win. Between Starscream and York, she'd gotten pretty good at using her pistol.

"What's the hardest part about treating—" was as far as she got into re-telling the joke she'd overheard from some other humans before she saw the turian start to stand up. He didn't even have to get to his full height for Severa to see that she was several inches shorter than him. Not that it scared her. As coolly as she did anything, she reached for her pistol at her hip, hoping that that would be enough to stop him from doing anything.

No such luck. He'd had something much bigger strapped across his back. Severa recognized it as what they called an assault rifle, though she wasn't sure what kind. This was really not the time. As the turian's gun readied itself, the other two people sitting at his table scooted their chairs away. Severa didn't see anyone else moving, so she exhaled and raised her pistol to eye level, lining any potential shots up with where a heart would be on a human. It was a gamble, but everything so far had been one, too.

It took a quick recollection of what assault rifles could actually do to people, especially those without armor, for Severa to realize she was in way over her head. "I don't want to do this," she said, not letting her gun drop. The turian wasn't budging either. This was turning into a terrible idea.
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Maybe telling Severa to meet her at The Quad wasn't the best idea, but hey, a girl's gotta work, and Severa was at least older than most of the teenagers who usually came in here looking for her. York had figured that at the very least Severa'd be fine while she ran to the back room to grab a few extra bottles for the shelf, but she overheard a fuss being raised and the second she stepped back into the bar, she saw guns pointed.

"Whoa, hey, hey," York said loudly, setting the bottles down on the bar, and she gave the turian an unimpressed look. It wasn't like fights didn't break out in here all the time, but guns being raised were a pretty strict no-no, and like hell Severa was anywhere near prepared for this. York wasn't even sure she knew how to point and shoot that thing without getting slammed in the gut with recoil. She waved one arm sharply. "Guns down, people. This is Davrax's establishment, remember? And he doesn't like bullet holes in his bar. So put that assault rifle down nice and slow, you hear me? Besides, she's just a kid. Cool your jets."

The turian didn't look all that convinced, and he definitely didn't lower his rifle. "She looks old enough to me," he said, only looking at York briefly. "Besides, she insulted me."
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"Yeah, I'd like to know where you got that impression," York muttered with a snort. The turian's mandibles flared, his eyes narrowing. He was starting to look like he might point it at York instead.

"Humans," he spat. "I see what's going on here. You know, ever since Davrax started trying to attract more humans to this bar, it's turned into a real cesspool. I see the kind of treatment I'm getting here."

"Let's give Dave some credit," York said without batting an eye. "This place was always a cesspool. Now put down that gun or I'm gonna make you eat it. And don't think Dave's not gonna hear about this."

The turian looked like he might chance it for a moment, like he might try and shoot one of them before they could get in, but in the end it looked like he didn't want to piss off Davrax that badly. After all, he hadn't always been a bar owner, and he had Blood Pack ties. The turian lowered his rifle, sneering.

"Don't think I won't forget this," he said, holstering the rifle.
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"Cool it, kid," York muttered at Severa. The last thing she needed was to run that surprisingly smart mouth of hers. But to York's relief, the turian didn't do much more than snort derisively at them, mandibles flaring. He narrowed his eyes, sneering.

"You can tell Davrax he's lost a long-time customer," he said, shouldering roughly past the both of them for the exit.

"Don't let the door hit your flat ass on the way out," York called after him, raising her voice just loud enough to be heard. She rolled her eyes, ignoring the looks a few of the other patrons were giving her. Guarded, a little wary. Probably some of 'em felt the same way as that turian. But everybody else in this bar respected Dun Davrax enough to keep their traps shut.

York turned back to Severa, a hand on her hip, eyebrows raised expectantly. "Do you not have off color jokes in your universe, or do you not get that people find them offensive?"
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Severa's a smart kid in a lot of ways, but in others, holy mother of god she's dumb as a brick. York pinches the bridge of her nose, drawing in a breath through her nose. "Does the word offensive not even register with you?"

She's cocky -- a little too cocky, and York really can't talk, but the fact of the matter is sooner or later Severa's going to get her cute little head in a whole lot more trouble than she can handle, without her friendly bartender-slash-bodyguard there to save her ass. Today was a little too much of a taste test for York's comfort. So she puts on the sternest face she can manage -- it's more deadpan than anything, but the bad eye does add a bit of intimidation factor that definitely wouldn't be there otherwise, at least -- and she leans over, grasping Severa firmly by the chin.

"Leave the comedy act at home, kid," York says, and there's a dry sort of humor in her voice, but it's firm enough that nobody would mistake her for joking around. "I don't think most people around here find you funny, and if you don't learn to stop runnin' your mouth off to every alien twice your size who looks at you funny, sooner or later somebody's gonna decide to seal it shut for you. You hearin' me?"
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oops sorry about that tense shift there

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"Yeah, except the point of making a mistake is you learn from it and don't do it again." York let go of Severa's face, pursing her lips. For all that she was giving a lecture here, she really wasn't cut out for this disciplinarian shit. She could be a hardass, but man, mostly she didn't want any dead teenagers on her watch.

"Were you born without common sense? C'mon, kid, you're old enough to be able to use your better judgment." York ran a hand through her hair, shaking her head. Man, now she felt like she needed a drink. She moves to get back behind the bar, gesturing to a barstool. "Go on, siddown. You realize I'm tellin' you how to avoid gettin' your ass killed, right?"
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Good lord. The worst thing was that York was pretty sure she was at least that bad at Severa's age, and it made her groan inwardly to think about it. Not like she was a perfect bastion of maturity these days, either, but at least she had the sense to own up to when she'd been an idiot. Well, mostly.

York, looking none too impressed with Severa's argument, just raised one eyebrow. "Yeah, you're right. I'm definitely not perfect. I've made plenty of mistakes. You might've noticed my face." She gestured vaguely to the left side of her face, the milky white of her bad eye. "The difference is, I know I did some dumb-ass shit, and I'm not plannin' on doing it again, so help me. Only children refuse to admit they were wrong, kiddo. So if you're not a child..."

She shrugged, spreading her hands. Okay, okay, she'd embellished a little on her own part -- if Severa only knew this was the second time the same damn thing's happened to her face, grenades and all -- but come on, she was trying to make a point. That was the important thing, right? Because baiting Severa's pride was totally a legitimate way to make it.
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"You won't be telling any more jokes about anything to anyone," York insisted, largely unnecessarily. Far be it from York to put anybody down, but if she didn't want Severa to end up riddled full of holes, it was probably a better idea to quash any idea of a career in comedy right about now. She reached underneath the bar for two glasses, holding them together by the handles with a quiet clink. "You're god damn right it was a terrible idea."

She filled both of them from a tap -- some kind of asari version of mead, made with some Thessian version of honey since way back when. Davrax kept it on tap as a personal favorite. York couldn't say she didn't like it. She set one glass down in front of Severa, giving her an expectant look.

"Now, if you've got all of the bar fight out of your system," she said pointedly, taking a sip, "was there somethin' you wanted?"
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Alright, the smile on Severa's face was pretty satisfying, York couldn't lie. She had a feeling Severa was only about half as sorry as she seemed, but hey, some lessons took time to sink in. York knew that was definitely the case with her on more than one occasion.

"It's got a name, but I can't pronounce it," she said glibly, resting one hip against the bar. She took another sip, contemplative-like. Davrax didn't strictly approve of drinking on the job, but he didn't really care, either. "Please tell me your idea of a change of scenery doesn't involve bullets."
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i really cant handle how cute severa is uGH

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"Considering we're all in the same boat? Yeah, I think I've got a notion." York snorted, shaking her head. Severa was really a piece of work. The girl could obviously handle herself -- she was definitely tough -- but she had this astonishing capacity to abandon all common sense the second she got a whiff of something she didn't like.

"Not so fast, kiddo, huh? It's not goin' anywhere." York took a few healthy sips, reaching for Severa's glass. All right, if York were really a responsible adult, she probably wouldn't be giving her a refill. "Look, I'm just sayin', that imperious attitude is gonna get you nowhere fast around here. You've gotta start pickin' your fights a little more wisely."
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"You are an adult, and I'm not responsible for you," York says glibly, raising an eyebrow at the way Severa all but snatches the glass away from her. She takes a long sip, sucking contemplatively at her teeth. It probably is a good thing Severa's dad isn't here, because with her luck, he and York would probably get on famously.

"Consider me an example to learn from," she says after a moment, with a wicked grin that pulls at the scarred skin around her left eye. "You said your daddy taught you how to pick locks, right?"
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"Yeah, there've been some advancements in the tech," York said loosely in what was probably the understatement of the year. "We've still got physical locks, y'know. At least we do in my world. You just don't see 'em so much in a place like this. It's all digital security now. But the basic principle's the same." She shrugged, draining her glass and setting it down on the bar. "So, what, your dad a locksmith, or is he whatever your equivalent of an infiltrations expert is?"
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York can't help but laugh at the mention of magic. If it were magic, Wash wouldn't believe it was real. "Yeah, I guess it might seem like magic to somebody who's never worked with computers. But it's not, really. It's all just...numbers, when you get down to it. But I work in bigger abstractions than that." She pauses, then activates her omni-tool and swipes over it a few times before she brings up what looks like the 3D schematics of a complicated-looking lock. It looks sort of like the kind you'd find on a bank vault, but an awful lot more...malleable.

"See this? This is called a holographic lock. It's based on the same kinda interface the omni-tools use, which means you can interact with it manually. Except since it's digital, that means I can interface with it, with somethin' like this. Hell, I used to have a little buddy to help me out with this sort of thing all the time."

And she can't help a fond smile thinking of Delta, a little tinged with sadness, because man, she misses the little guy sometimes. She raises an eyebrow at Severa in curiosity, drumming her fingers on the bartop. "So I've gotta ask -- what I do, would you consider me a thief, too? I mean, by your definition."
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All right, York wasn't expecting so...literal a definition. Then again, maybe she ought to expect that sort of thing from Severa by now. She'd figured there was some sort of semantic gap there, but...maybe not.

"Uh...well, it used to be my job to steal stuff, sometimes," she says glibly, with a shrug, although the security she'd run with Joker only a few months ago comes to mind. But that's not a secret she's about to let Severa in on. "I mean, really, breaking security was my job, but taking shit usually came with the package."
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"Your daddy teach you that too?" York says with a raised eyebrow. Suddenly, she gets an idea of what she thinks Severa's dad might have been like, back in their world. For a girl who's used to swinging around live steel, she's sure got an awful cute idea of how the world works.

"Yeah, that's one way of looking at it," she says. "How I see it, though, is this: some people are willing to pay an awful lot of money to get people to do their dirty work. Or, y'know, things they don't know to do. Sometimes those people are your government."
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i love u bro youre the best

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York can't help a smile at that. Whoever her dad was, he sounds like he was an alright guy. He obviously cared about his kid, that's for sure.

"Definitely some wisdom to those words," York says with a wry smile, even if they're not ones she's living by at the moment. But back then, before she'd been sucked out of her own world...that'd been what she'd been working for. For her Wash, back home. She clears her throat, giving Severa a little wink. "Your daddy had the right idea. Always take the cushy government job."
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"Should I be insulted?" York cocks an eyebrow, but she looks amused. She might not know anything about Severa's world, but she knows a colorful family when she sees one. She can only imagine Severa's got some stories. "What's your mom like, anyway? And how exactly did I remind you of her?"
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York raises an eyebrow, and after a moment, she can't help but laugh. "Perfect at everything, huh? I'd like to know where you got that impression."

She doesn't look offended, just surprised. She gives Severa a lopsided smile. "Sounds a little like someone I used to know, actually. But nah, that's not me. Kid, I make plenty of mistakes, trust me."
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York's used to this universe dumping thing and the fact that it tends to take all kinds -- she knows the places that she's been stuck in haven't been too far of a cry from her own universe, and that others have come from universes far more radically different. But she's never seen anyone struggle with it quite like Severa does.

"Hey, the reason I didn't have to get used to the aliens is 'cause I was already intimately familiar with the idea," she says, reaching to put her hand on Severa's shoulder. "Granted, back home they were makin' war on us, so you bet it took me a while to get my head around that. But also consider that I've been doin' this a long time. Before I got here, I spent eight months in another place a whole hell of a lot like it. I haven't been home in over a year, Severa. I've had time to get used to some of the weirder shit I've seen."

She sighs a little, knowing that it's Severa's weird placing her on a pedestal that's making it harder for her to connect. "Look, you can believe me or don't, but trust me kiddo, I've made plenty of my own mistakes. I've made mistakes that cost me a lot -- that cost others even more. Hell, you don't believe me, just look at my face. That was 'cause I made a mistake, and it wasn't even the first time."
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Re: 8))))

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"Just 'cause it happened in a fight doesn't make it less of a mistake," York says, but when she sees the look dawning on Severa's face, she lets it drop. She thinks the kid's gotten the point, now. Or...at least arrived to it on her own terms. It's probably better that way. It's better to trust yourself.

"Not really," she admits. "I know it's hard, kiddo. Trust me, it took me awhile to get there. There were things about my own world, things that weren't the same when I left, that I spent too long clinging to. It just made it harder. This place...you've just gotta take it for what it is."
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Nice try hiding that smile, Severa, but York's got nieces and nephews and Severa's not much good at hiding things anyway. York grins at her fondly, shaking her head. For better or worse, she's glad she's here, and not still on Sacrosanct. At least here she can do some good, some of the time.

"Kiddo, so long as I'm here, you're never gonna be alone," she tells Severa, reaching over to tousle Severa's hair affectionately. Odds are Severa hates it at least as much as Marco does, but hey, that's part of what makes it so cute. "You don't hesitate to ask me if you need somethin', you got that? I mean it."
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"You got it, kiddo," York laughs, withdrawing her hand from Severa's hand, but it's an unintentionally empty promise. It's just as likely that the next time York's struck with the urge to give her a noogie, she'll forget she promised not to in the first place.

It's easy to tell that Severa's got some reservations about family, or at least hers in particular. York gets on well with her own family, sure -- or at least, she did back in her world -- but she'd had her rough spots with them. Joining the military hadn't sat well with her dad for a long time. "Was she not around much, back home?"