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watch out for falling space debris.

who. Anyone and everyone on the station.
what. Two shuttles come through the relay. Only one makes it through intact - and it's the one bringing in the new recruits.
where. All around the station, but most of the action will probably take place on and around the landing pads.
when. Right now.
warnings. General, mass hysteria. Not much else.

It's that time again. Time for that shuttle to come through the relay and bring in a new batch of people that don't know where they are or why. This is something that everyone has gotten used to, and doesn't think much of.

This time, though, something is different. And because no one is expecting it, it catches the entire station by surprise. Two shuttles come through the relay, and while that's more than surprising enough, what happens next, no one is expecting.

One of the shuttles explodes. Out in the dead of space between the relay and the station, it bursts into a thousand smaller pieces. The debris left behind tells nothing of what had been on the shuttle, or who for that matter, but the fact remains that this wasn't supposed to happen.

Which means people are going to wonder why it happened in the first place.

With the newcomers arriving on the station, there's going to be enough confusion going on, but with the shuttle explosion tacked on to the end? It's going to raise some suspicion.

This log is not only for the newcomers to mingle about, but also to gauge reactions about the shuttle exploding. To speculate on why it happened, and generally allow for all kinds of reactions all throughout the station. You can assume that by the time the shuttle with our new characters has landed, news of the explosion has travelled through most of the station. Please see the OOC post for more information.

Have fun, and try not to freak out too much.
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To say that Lauren was confused would to be understating the matter. She'd been stepping on a plane and had found herself on some sort of shuttle with strangers that she didn't know. It had taken every ounce of her training to keep herself calm and to try to clear her mind. Studying those she was with told her only that they had no clue what was going on. There was no use in questioning them about anything.

The explosion, instead of panicking her, only served to clear her mind. Space stations, shuttles, and aliens were strange, explosions and near death experiences were just part of the job. She focused on those around her, watching as the majority of them scrambled about in panic.

A part of her wondered if she should start moving, pretend to be panicked, allow herself to be swallowed in the crowd. She couldn't let herself stand out too soon, not until she figured out where she was, how it was that she got there, and what powers were in charge or had some sort of claim.
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It was impossible not to hear about the explosion, not if you kept even half an ear to the ground around here. And York -- well, she's never considered herself much of a savior or anything, but sometimes kids came in on those shuttles. And as far as she was concerned, most of this station could go fuck themselves if that suited 'em, but kids? They didn't have any place here, and most of 'em didn't have any means of defending themselves, either. So she'd headed out to the docks in armor, keeping a lookout for any kids who might've gotten too caught up in the panic.

She didn't see any kids, but it was hard not to notice the one woman not looking all that concerned. It was hard not to have her curiosity piqued, especially when she could hear the frantic calls of krogan and batarians alike. She tried to catch the woman's gaze, approaching her with a mixture of curiosity and skepticism on her face.

"So, what, is this just an average day for you, or are you just hard to impress?"
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And now it was too late to play the part of the panicked newcomer. Oh, well. Perhaps it wouldn't be too late to do some sort of damage control for her image. The last thing she wanted people to think that she was some sort of cold blooded killer. No matter how true it actually was. She tilted her head slightly before giving a small shrug.

"A little bit of both, I suppose. I had a very exciting job before I found myself..." She trailed off, motioning with her right hand. "Where ever here is. Personally, I'm more concerned with how I got here and if it's possible to get back."

She glanced away for a moment, looking to the chaos. "Tell me, does this sort of thing happen often? Shuttles blowing up? The utter chaos?"
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Exciting job? It makes York curious, but it doesn't really raise any red flags. Almost everybody around here has an exciting job in some manner of speaking or another. "The shuttles showin' up full of people from other worlds, yeah, that's pretty normal. The blowing up, not so much." York frowns a little, pursing her lips, but it vanishes from her face just as quickly. "This place is Omega. The station you're on, at least. I'm sure somebody as sharp as yourself noticed it's not exactly white picket fences and perfectly trimmed lawns around here. The universe...well, I can tell you this much, it's probably not yours. Not mine, either."