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who. York and YOU!
what. for anyone who wants to talk to, see, or run into York since her injury
where. anywhere in Zeta District -- The Quad, York and Wash's apartment, somewhere in the markets, etc
when. anytime this week!
warnings. probably lots of feelings :(

It hasn't been a good week for York. It's the understatement of the century, really. The mission on Saturday with Garrus and North had gone so fantastically awful, she's still reeling from it a little. It's too fresh in her mind, still, even the admittedly blurry memory of the incendiary grenade going off in her face. Garrus and North had had to drag her out of there to the clinic, and she'd lost a good day to emergency surgery and recovery. And in the end, they'd botched the job. Nobody had even gotten paid.

Mordin had done his best, and honestly, considering the limited resources, he did a pretty damn good job. Especilaly for an alien. She wouldn't have figured a salarian could fix up a human face this nice. No, nice isn't the word for it. It doesn't look even close to nice. The wound is healing, but it's still fresh, an ugly red swath of skin around her left eye, pulling down her cheek. Even when it's bandaged, it's impossible to hide the way the damaged skin pulls unnaturally tight around her eye. And she can't hide the eye itself. Even once the skin heals -- if it even heals all the way -- her eye will still be that awful, milky white. She'll be lucky to get it back to fifty percent functionality, at this point. Last time this'd happened, she'd had UNSC medical facilities available to her; better equipment, more staff, more resources. Last time.

York's starting to feel like the butt of some cosmic joke.

It's bad enough to have a job go so fantastically wrong like this one did, to have her ass land in the hospital with such a severe injury. To have it become something permanently debilitating, to have to wear it like she does. It's bad enough that it hurts. But it's even worse that this has happened before.

The similarities are too eerie, so much they make her feel a little sick. She'd gotten the eye fixed back on Sacrosanct because she didn't want to be a liability. She wanted to be able to watch her own back, and without Delta, she couldn't do that, not with a busted eye. And now she's right back where she started -- worse, even -- and this time, she doesn't even have somebody else's Delta to understand. Maybe six months with a new eye and she'd gotten used to it. She'd gotten used to looking in the mirror and seeing the perfect symmetry of her face, to smoothing her hand over her left cheek and feeling only smooth, soft skin. She'd just gotten used to the delightful ease with which she could read and focus and see, with no headaches, no strain. She'd only just gotten comfortable with it. And what -- that's it? That's all she gets? Well, joke's on her for ever thinking things might be easy, for once.

But there's nothing York can do. She doesn't have Delta to help her compensate and Mordin's got the best care she can receive on the station on her paycheck. So York does what she does best -- she keeps moving forward, making like nothing's happened, because what's she gonna say, anyway? She goes back to work at The Quad as soon as she's able, because she can only stand to be laid up for so long and it's just her face, it's not like she can't walk, and her boss comments on her face in a way that's maybe supposed to be funny, but maybe she doesn't get krogan humor. She keeps going about her business, just like before, and she doesn't look in mirrors much anymore these days, but at least she's still moving.
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Marco didn't think his life was likely to get any shittier after the last time he went to visit York, but somehow, it did. And what else is a guy to do after having some shitty times besides visit his favorite bartender? Never mind that he was barely tall enough to see over the bar and said bartender was still probably going to refuse him drinks.

Doesn't hurt to try again. He strolls in as if he owns the place and hops up onto a stool, waving a hand to flag York down.

"Hey, I'll take two fingers on the roc--shit, York, what happened to your face?"
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"Whoa, sore subject, okay." He eyes the bandage on her face; at first, he had figured maybe she just got punched in a bar fight or something, but now that he's had another thirty seconds to stare, he can see the damage is worse than just covering up a black eye.

But he pulls the glass close without drinking from it; he'd backpedal a little more, since it's completely weird that she's acting like this, but she's asked him a question and he can't really get away from that.

"I dunno, uh, tap explode in your face or something? Rowdy drunks get the best of you?"

He can't stop staring at the bandage, as if willing it to go away. York is indestructible as far as he's concerned; he doesn't like seeing evidence that she's not.
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"Dude, you serious? Someone threw a grenade in here?"

He's being a little deliberately thick about it, but sometimes playing dumb got answers out of someone faster than just asking directly. His gaze follows hers down the bar, as if he's looking for the scorch marks. Or for any likely grenade-lobbers.
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"What? What sort of job? I thought you were retired?"

The dumb drops out of his voice once she says that, and he leans in closer over the bar, practically knocking over his drink in the process. It wasn't going to be his business, but something on the back of his neck prickles a little, and he can't help sticking his face into it. It's mostly fear, that if York is into some bullshit that turned nasty, he wants it on his own radar.

And the other part of it is that York isn't allowed to be defeatable as far as he's concerned.

"Where do you get your intel?"
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"Convenient. Yeah. Sounds like what he wanted taken out wasn't the 'vermin', huh."

He might be paranoid, but it's a valid survival tactic here. This is definitely going to make Marco about twice as twitchy about taking merc jobs, because if someone's feeding York sketchy info, someone could also be feeding him sketchy info.

"If you're retired, why didn't you just tell this guy to piss off?
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The dismissal stings more than Marco's willing to let show, but he picks up his own glass with a huff and puts back the soda as if it was a shot, then nudges the glass back at York and gives her drink a pointed Look, expecting her to put that in his glass, too.

"Right, if someone just wanted you dead, they could do that. Now, if someone wanted you dead, but didn't want to make it look like they wanted you dead, they'd send you into a deathtrap and just act really incompetent. Or, better yet, pay someone else who's already incompetent to come in here and hire you out to do something that looks like easy money on your end."

After all the shit she gave him for being stupid, he's not going to miss a chance to tell her exactly what he thinks of this, weird as it is for him to be lecturing someone more than twice his age. It's not out of concern for her well-being, though; he just needs to validate his personal paranoia metric.
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"Yeah, sure. Or maybe this is bigger than some drunk being pissed that you cut them off after one too many. Now all they know is that one grenade isn't enough to put you down."

Marco's entire life has been one continuous stupid action movie plot for the past few months as far as he's concerned, but between the sketchy bullshit he's been a part of, his innate ability to suspect absolutely everything, and the tension he knows is ever growing on the station, he knows it has to be justified somehow. Life couldn't just be this weird and coincidental all the time.

"But speaking of drunks, come on, York, throw me a bone here, I've had a shitty couple of weeks."
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Despite the fact that everything is probably way bigger than Marco could even imagine at this point, Marco can't help but make his immediate environment as dramatic-seeming as possible. Part of it is because he needs to be loud, but planning for and expecting the worst possible scenario is a legitimate survival tactic of his. It's kept him in one piece so far.

"Come on, don't tell me there's a drinking age on this rock. What is this, America? Old enough to die for my country, too young to drink? If I can buy guns, I can totally buy booze."
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"Okay, okay, fine, I can take a hint."

He waves his hand, dismissing the matter for the moment; don't worry, though, because Marco never actually forgets anything.

"Anyway, can we talk a little business here? Business as in capital-bee. Business as in cash moolah, maybe something that doesn't involve people getting their faces blown up." Fingers crossed.
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"Nuh-uh. The investment part is on you. As far as what's on me, think more basic than that. Waaaay more basic. I'm talking like, most basic of human needs. The deepest human desires."

He leans back a little, giving York a little room to digest the thought, and also eying her up for her reaction.

"What's the one thing you miss the most here?"

It's probably an inappropriately nosy question at the moment, given the circumstances, but he's working on his marketing pitches here.
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"Really? Wow, I totally didn't have you pegged for being like, the happy outdoorsy rain puddle splashing type. That's not at all what I'm working on."

Marco shakes his head at York in disbelief, almost disappointment. If anything, not having to deal with unpredictable weather ruining his day here is a relief. Here he was, trying to build up some sense of dramatic reveal.

"But okay, maybe they don't have these where you come from. Stiles and I are opening up a Taco Bell and we need backers. You in?"