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who. York & Mordin
what. York wakes up for the first time after her injury.
where. Mordin's clinic in Gozu District
when. backdated to this past weekend
warnings. injury talk and feelings, probably

Mostly, York doesn't remember anything. Most of her memory leading up to her winding up at Mordin's clinic is fuzzy. After the blast, everything's a blur -- it's strange, she remembers things after that, but it's all dark. She only remembers the searing pain on her face that was so overwhelming it quickly went numb, remembers North -- or Garrus? Maybe both of them, somebody hauling her, half-dragging her away from where the ground was still smoldering.

It all washes out pretty quickly after that. She comes back to consciousness slowly, one small sensation at a time. The first thing she notices is the dim, dull ache she can feel only distantly, but it's everywhere. She feels stiff, leaden, unable to move. She can feel the narrow cot underneath her, the faint pull of IV lines when she tries to shift her arm. Her mouth is impossibly dry, like it's full of cotton, and it feels like an age before she can peel her cracked lips apart to lick at them. She tries to open her eyes, but her vision swims and staggers, and all she can make out is the glare of the lights.

There's something uncomfortably familiar about this scene, somehow, a churning déjà vu rippling through her consciousness. York's stomach lurches, suddenly, and she lets her head roll to the side with a barely audible grunt. Half her head is swathed in bandages, it feels like, but her arm feels so weak, she can't even lift a hand to touch it. What happened? She's not even really sure where she is, still disoriented and groggy, but she could probably hazard a sloppy guess. She opens her mouth to try to say something, but all she manages to get out at first is a raspy creak.
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Usually, his clinic is short on real emergencies. Yes, there are mercs every now in then that somehow find themselves run through with things or missing fingers. Mordin, thankfully, is always prepared for crisis and is calm and collected.

He appreciates the warning heads-up from Garrus because that means he has a sterile area already prepared, supplies out and assistants prepped. Without seeing it, he's not sure how bad the injury actually is but it's better to be over-prepared in his experience. When she comes in, he's glad for it but unhappy that he doesn't have any cybernetics on hand. Mordin can't fix it. He can only save it and even then, he's not sure how it's going to turn out.

His omni-tool pings him when she's finally awake and he takes time to wander in to see her. Mordin will make sure to go to the side of the bed where she can see him.

"Please refrain from large amount of motion. Removal of IV not suggested. Currently in Gota district in clinic. Admitted by Garrus with serious injury to left side of face." He disappears for a moment and returns with a small glass. "Can only offer ice chips to soothe throat at present."