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If the water is too clear, there is no fish.

who. Xiahou Dun + anyone under the Omega sun, if there even is one.
what. Dun is meeting up with some people separately to discuss the weather neighbourhood watch. Other than that, he's free to interactions with anyone else while waiting/walking towards the appointed meeting spots.
where. The bar where York works, his martial arts centre, a quiet area of apartments, and Mordin's clinic will be the places where the meetings can be held. Otherwise, you can bump into him any time/anywhere when he's not discussing super secret details.
when. Over the course of the last week
warnings. None yet.

There are lots of people he has to meet if he wants this watch to succeed. The latest fire escapade proved that unless they stood with each other everyone else would regard them as nothing more than chess pieces in a game of Omega politics that frankly Dun wanted nothing to do with.

So for the past few days Dun has tried to set up a meeting with the following people at the following places:

Day 1. Mordin Sollus at his clinic.
Day 2. York at the bar she works at.
Day 3. Commander Shepard at a busy corner in the commercial district.
Day 4. Arcee at the quiet alleyway where they met, also near the commercial district.
Day 5. Marian Hawke at the quiet housing area they first met.

Although he is a man on a mission he's not adverse to stopping for a chat. Perhaps someone has bumped into him and tried to make off with something from his pocket? Or maybe he's been roughly shoved to the side by some aggressive Krogans and is in need of some help beating the crap out of them. Maybe you've seen him lingering around the area, and you're just wondering what this suspicious guy is up to. Or maybe you're in need of help yourself. Whatever it is, Dun's eyes and ears are open.

((OOC: Basically the meetings are locked between Dun and whoever he wants to meet, but anything else is fair game.))
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[personal profile] neverknocks 2013-04-18 03:55 pm (UTC)(link)
[ As ever, crisis makes people want to drink, so The Quad's been pretty busy since the fire. But hey, at least the water shortage is over, and York doesn't have to worry about any customers accidentally dying of dehydration. Not that that's happened. She's pretty sure.

So York's been pretty busy at work, but not so busy that she doesn't notice when Dun comes into the bar. It's not that big of a place, after all. ]

Fancy seein' you here.
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[ York raises an eyebrow, slowly. It sounds genuine, although the guy looks like he's really struggling with himself. But that's a good thing, she thinks. ]

Yeah, I'll admit, you weren't exactly at your noble best, there. Awful of big of you to come and apologize.
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[personal profile] neverknocks 2013-04-24 03:45 am (UTC)(link)
[ York's eyebrows rise a little higher on her forehead. He seems genuine, even if it strikes her as a little weird. ]

Let me get this straight. You wanna buy the bartender a drink?
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[ Well, shit. She can see he means it. And York's not really one to hold a grudge. ]

Someone you respect, huh?

[ She gives him a little half-smile, reaching for a couple of glasses and a bottle of gin. ]

Well, I think you're gonna buy me a gin and tonic then. What's it gonna be for you, huh?
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[ To be fair, York usually is teasing somebody, so it's a fair bet. She smiles a little more as she pours them both a gin and tonic, sliding one over to him. ]

Well, you can have what I'm havin'. I feel like it should be up to snuff for a man of your taste. Then again, I don't have any idea what it is you drink back home. What is it, anyway?
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[ York sips at her drink, nodding. Gin and tonic usually isn't her first choice, but for an easy drink in the middle of her shift, it's pretty good. ]

I'll check and see if we can't import any, sometime. Might be a little pricey, though. Turns out we're kind of a long way from Earth.
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Trust me, ryncol's a hundred times worse.

[ She lets out a little laugh, shaking her head. ]

You didn't come all this way just to buy me a drink, did you?