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who. York ([personal profile] neverknocks), North ([personal profile] noscope), Garrus ([personal profile] calibrating)
what. North and Garrus help York do a simple job that goes awfully wrong.
where. a vorcha-infested neighborhood in Zeta District
when. forward-dated to 4/20
warnings. potentially graphic violence

York and Kengo had done their best, but with only the two of them and the remains of the Talons, they hadn't been able to fix the water quick enough to prevent the fire from leaving a large swath of damage behind. Wash and York had been among the lucky, but there were plenty of unfortunate suckers whose apartments had been casualties of the fire. Things weren't looking too fabulous in Omega right about now.

Of course, with every problem comes an opportunity. Working in a bar frequented by all sorts has its perks -- one night York's serving a grouchy turian who's complaining to her about the vorcha problem in his neighborhood. Ever since the fire and the ensuing chaos, a bunch of homeless vorcha had started clustering in his neighborhood, starting fights and making noise and generally causing a lot of trouble. And when the turian said he'd pay good money for somebody to chase all those vorcha out, but the mercs all had bigger problems to worry about and hell if he was going to do it himself -- well, it'd have been indecent of York not to offer her services. It sounded like an easy job -- vorcha are dangerous, sure, and they'd be armed, but they're not exactly known for their cunning.

York can't do a job like this by herself, though, and Wash seems like he's got his hands full with this new mercenary business, so she turns to the two people she thinks she can trust with this most -- North and Garrus. Technically she hasn't known either of them for long, but the truth is, North is North, and she knows he's reliable. And Garrus -- well, to be honest, she's not sure about him yet, but she knows she can count on him to have her back in a fight, at least. For now, that's all she needs. So she offers to split the pay with them if they'll help her clear out these vorcha, and she doesn't have a hard time getting either of them to agree.

So that morning, she tells them to meet her in the neighborhood they're supposed to be cleaning up, right outside a dilapidated little old laundromat. York gets there a little early, not antsy so much as ready to get started. She hasn't seen much action since she got this new suit of armor here, and while York doesn't exactly long for violence, part of her is pleased at the opportunity to really put it to use. It's a hell of a lot sleeker than her old Freelancer armor, that's for sure. She can really move in this thing. And once North and Garrus arrive, that's exactly what they're going to do.

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North and Carolina had been another couple of lucky ones; their apartment was still intact, and though it was far from being called perfect, it was something they could build on together. Quite frankly, he was just glad that they'd come through that whole fiasco without getting hurt, or having anyone close to them hurt in any way.

When York had told him of a job she was about to do, it hadn't sounded like something she could have done on her own - not by a long shot. And given the fact that he'd come to really know her, even though she wasn't the York that he knew, it didn't mean he wasn't going to try to help her if she thought she might need it. Which was precisely why he'd volunteered to come with her, to watch her back as she (well, he) had so often done in the past.

He meets her right where she'd said, still in his power armor where she's gotten some brand new digs, and he can't help but to comment on it upon his approach. "Moving on up in the world, huh?" he asks with a slight smile, holding his helmet loosely in one hand. "How does it feel? Got any better range of motion?"
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"I'm pretty sure anything has a better range of motion than those clunky tin cans you call suits."

Take two high profile vid actors, a successful Noverian CEO, a famous extranet blogger, and three space hipsters, mix well, and set them into a small, confined room where they have nothing more to do than talk about than their personal accomplishments while huffing in the smell of their own farts. The levels of smug still wouldn't be enough to match the levels of smug laced along Garrus' voice.

Thankfully, he 's also kidding, but nobody needs to know that, honestly. They can figure it out for themselves.

He saunters up from behind, and comes to a rest at North's side, his arms crossed, and his poise relaxed, although his ever subtle (not) paranoia made sure his back faced a wall.
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The arrival of the turian hadn't been a surprise - even though they had yet to meet formally. The crack to their armor has him shaking his head, because even though he's right, he can't help but to feel a connection with the suit. It might have a limited range of motion, but he can get around in it just fine, thank you, so he has to speak up about it.

"From one sniper to another, I have to tell you - it's not so bad. It gets the job done." York's the one that needs to move quickly around here most of the time, anyway. He's just fine with his old armor for the time being. (That doesn't mean, of course, that he isn't going to upgrade the second he gets the credits. No one judge him.)

He reaches forward to shake Garrus' hand at the introduction. "Nice to meet you, finally. I've heard a bit about you from York." She might not have told him everything about the other, but she'd briefed him well enough before the mission that he feels confident going in here. Confident that they can get the job done, get out and go home.

Once she's finished explaining what they're out here to do, North nods. "We'll cover you, don't worry."
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Garrus returns the greeting, used to it now thanks to all those years serving alongside humans, with a deft, strong shake of his own.

"Same here. Hopefully we can both live up to the hype, yeah?"

The mission briefing, such as it was, earns Garrus' full attention. He nods along with North's assertion, before adding his own bit of advice.

"You're gonna want to use incendiary based ammunition. Or a flamethrower. Vorcha heal quick, but if you set them on fire they tend to have issues."

easybake oven.

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He's done his homework for this mission as well, and already has his new shotgun equipped with incendiary rounds. It had taken a little bit to get used to new equipment, but he likes to think he's a quick learner. That he's prepared for this.

But then again, he always is. Back in the Project, he'd always been the first right next to Carolina ready for mission briefings.

"We've got you," he says with a small smirk. He's gotten used to how eager this York is - because while she does remind him of the one they'd apparently left behind when they'd been brought here, she's more her own person than he ever thought another version of York could be.

Let's pretend that makes sense. Because alternate universes are still something he has to wrap his mind around.

North makes sure he's fully loaded before he nods. "Sync."
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He has to hand it to them-- York and her ilk don't play around when it comes to their jobs.

And that's how he likes it. Back home, he'd always admired disciplined soldiers, especially when they came with their own side of snark. The overall atmosphere between both York and North lends itself to a feeling of budding companionship, in a sharp contrast to the general awkwardness Garrus often kept hidden away when dealing with these newcomers.

It was all to save face, of course.

Then came the command. It's simple enough to decipher pretty much immediately, but it still catches him off guard and serves as a quick reminder: he's not one of them, despite the fact that he's more than willing to work with them. They'll always have that camaraderie to rely on should things go rough. He'd do his best to match, but he knows all too well that nothing can beat that special synergy between teammates. It's by no means a bad thing. Quite the opposite, actually.

He waits for York to respond, choosing to keep quiet. It feels as though he's intruding otherwise.
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North may not know Garrus well at all, but it doesn't mean that he isn't going to end up trusting the turian to watch his back while they're on this mission. There's no reason for him to feel like he's in the way, or intruding, because if he actually were? He wouldn't be here.

North is nodding, and once York is around the corner, there's no more time for talk. The shots start firing almost immediately, and he's sliding into cover as quickly as he can before he ends up taking a round to the shoulder, peeking around every so often to make sure he has a clear shot before he lets one go.

Limited ammunition, and all that.

One she's taken the first one down, all the other start chiming in with their hisses and growls at their fallen companion, and it's pretty much nothing but a free-for-all that seems to be going in their favor.

At least until the grenades start going off.
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Vorcha are unique in that the very trait which makes them so terrifying was also one of their biggest downfalls: their unpredictability. Their feral tendencies made life hell for both their own species and anyone who has to deal with them-- so basically a good three fourths of Omega.

Before, it was hard enough to catch any one of them in his sights, what with their constant movements. Now, with the combined rattle from small explosions, getting a decent shot is nigh impossible-- although he is thankful that he's up high-ish. Well, impossible is a bit of a stretch for someone of Garrus' caliber. 'Really fucking annoying' is probably a better fit.

"Gonna make things a bit louder," he calls out to the rest of the team, as he lines his scope up with a low wall behind said vorcha. He waits until one of them ducks out to the side before blasting a proximity mine the short distance needed, the bomb planting itself against hard metal, waiting for the nearest enemy to stumble into its range.

Not that they have to wait long.

Not even a couple of seconds later, the mine goes off, and the small group of vorcha stumbles forward.

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York would find all of this chaos exhilarating. It's the kind of situation the man he knows back home would find more comforting than anything else. Not knowing what's coming next, making a game out of it - it's just how they are, and she's being true to form in every aspect North can possible think of.

He hears her yelling, hears both of them yelling and though everything seems to be under control so far, he can't but to think that their enthusiasm is going to inevitably blind them to something dire. It's not that he distrusts any of their abilities - far from it, in fact - it's just that he's so meticulous, plans everything out to the very last detail until he knows for sure that nothing can go wrong. And only then does he feel like things are settled well enough to push forward.

He's watching for the grenades, rolling out of the way when one of them gets too close for comfort, and it's with a solid whoosh of air pushing out of his lungs that he comes behind another bit of cover, managing to pull off a few more shots before he has to reload. North hadn't thought they'd have mines, either, but then again .. it's not like anything surprises him anymore.

"Are you surprised?" he calls over to her with a small huff of a laugh.
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"Surprised or not, stay sharp." Garrus growls uneasily.

Back when he worked on the Normandy, he sort of fell into the position of Jane's guardian angel (and no, the somewhat irony is not lost on him) whenever she decided a good round of biotic fisticuffs was warranted. Which was far too often, but far be it from him to say so. Occasionally he'd teamed up with Thane, so working with another skilled sniper doesn't faze him in the slightest.

In fact, it gives him an incentive to try something new.

"York, do you need another set of hands down there? Something more mid-range? I'm sure North can handle things from up here without me."
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That bad feeling he's got just intensifies when York says she doesn't need the help. (And it isn't just because it's his protective nature taking over. Some of it might be that, but for the most part, it's just his mind's way of trying to tell him that something is going to go horribly wrong if he doesn't do something.)

North chances yet another look out from behind his cover, firing off a few more shots before he calls out - "Garrus, I don't care what she says. Go cover her. You're right, I can cover you both from here."

What he doesn't say: just make sure she stays safe.