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i found a liquor store (closed)

who. Stiles & York ([personal profile] neverknocks)
what. Stiles is a slick motherfucker who can totally get drinks. Absolutely.
where. The Quad,
when. Saturday, after the Vorcha varren announcement.
warnings. Underage drinking.

So things with Lydia were awkward, to say the least. They may have been up front with each other, but he'd still been lying to her and she'd still resurrected one of the people Stiles liked the least of the werewolves. So it was awkward.

And then the showers had stopped working. After that, there'd been monkeys, and now there were alien fucking dogs eating the monkeys. And possibly people. It was carnage. Stiles hadn't even been on Omega a week and already he wanted to get off this crazy train.

Getting up on a bench to avoid a varren chasing a pyjak, he'd heard an advertisement for a bar in Zeta district. Something called the Quad, which a quick search told him was referencing a certain part of an alien's anatomy. (Really?) But they were talking about how they might not have water, but they still had alcohol!

And that lit an idea. Stiles had some credits left from the repair work he'd been (trying) to do. Sure, that was supposed to go towards food and protection money but - he could spend some, right?

Let it never be said he couldn't budget, ah-huh.

So he managed to get in the door - the place was bumping, it seemed, and smelled really bad, but he couldn't tell if that was the bar or the patrons. He wrinkled his nose but then attempted to act like everything was normal, and sidled his way on over to the bar top, cool as you could be if you were a sixteen year old attempting to get alcohol in a space bar. (It wasn't very cool.)

He managed to elbow his way into a seat and hoped he could catch the bartender's attention.
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All right, York had to hand it to Davrax. The guy could spin anything, even a water shortage into bar specials. It was all bottled and hard liquor on special, of course. They couldn't even use the taps, anymore. York was stuck bringing bottled water to work, and that was starting to get scarce. One of the other bartenders had thought it was a little irresponsible, selling booze so hard when there's a water shortage. Davrax, evidently, didn't give a shit.

It was definitely helping business, that was for sure. The bar was a little more crowded than usual tonight -- mostly krogan and batarians, but there were a few humans here and there. It was imposible to ignore the kid wiggling his way into a seat at the bar, though, and York cocked an eyebrow at him before she shook her head, making as if to wave him off.

"Sorry, kid, no soda. Taps are all off."
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The krogan whose armor Stiles had knocked against let out a grunt and scooted a little further away from Stiles. Obviously he wasn't interested in getting too cuddly with any humans. He'd given York the stink-eye earlier, too. Well, so she'd assumed. Krogans kind of always looked like that, to be honest.

"This look like home to you, kiddo?" York rolled her eyes, looking unimpressed. With a baby face like that, who was he trying to kid? "Dunno if you noticed, but this is Omega. And you don't even look old enough to buy a can of compressed air."
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York leaned back in turn, letting out a breath, and she shook her head. "Yeah, uh, you've definitely got an odor about you. I promise you, booze is not gonna fix that."

Honestly, after a couple of days of this, the bar was starting to get a little dank. This might not have been one of Davrax's greatest ideas. Then again, maybe krogan didn't have an especially sharp sense of smell.

If this kid thought whining and cajoling was going to convince York he was legal, he had be joking, right? Man, of all the bars for the kids on the station to try and swindle booze out of, why did it have to be her bar? York had to admit, the kid did a pretty convincing puppy face, but she didn't look all that impressed.

"How old are you supposed to be, anyway?"
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"Yeah, you're really over the hill there," York said, rolling her eyes. He's trying way too hard, and if he raises enough of a fuss he's liable to get himself thrown out by a couple of krogan. York would hate to see that happen, though. She remembers being a teenager and trying to sneak booze, too, except when she was a kid there weren't krogan around to punish you for it.

"You didn't answer my question, kid. How old are you?"
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Man, he's even less convincing when he's telling the truth. York gives him an unimpressed look, eyebrows raised, and shakes her head. "Okay, seriously, what is it that you think's gonna happen, kid? You think if you beg me with big enough puppy eyes, I'm just gonna cave and serve some teenager ryncol or somethin'? 'Cause trust me, I'm doin' you a favor here."

Seriously, doesn't this kid realize a hangover's going to be three times as worse with no water? Or is he somehow really that bored? Either way, he's tenacious, she'll give him that. York peers at him, giving him an appraising look.

"What's your name, anyway?"
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"You're cute, kid, but I've seen cuter," York tells him bluntly, but there's an amused quirk to her lips. He tries awful hard, but there is something likable about him. And okay, sure, there was once a time when York was sixteen and desperate to con someone into getting her and her friends booze. Jeez, was she this bad at it, though?

Well, probably.

"You think I don't wanna know the name of every kid who tries to con me into serving them?" York grins at him, showing teeth, and gathers up a couple of shot glasses. She can already tell Stiles isn't about to give up as easily as Marco had. That calls for educational tactics, right? "Stiles, right? Well, you can call me York. You in school back home, Stiles? You do much science?"
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Admittedly, York can be kind of a dick sometimes. Mostly to her buddies -- her buddies who aren't less than half her age -- and even then, it's usually in good humor, somewhere along the line. Nine times out of ten, a teenager persistent and pushy like Stiles is comes up to the bar, she'll keep her foot down and tell 'em to get lost until they do. Okay, well, eight times. Maybe seven.

But man, it's been a long week. York hasn't showered in days, and working as a bartender is a chancy job at best. It gets awfully hostile when everyone's cranky and dehydrated, and in a krogan bar, a brawl has disastrous consequences. And on top of that, she still hasn't heard from Marco since she ran into him and his very own dead body in the alley the other day. Plus Wash has been all antsy and weird the last couple of days, and on top of everything else, it's all starting to set her teeth on edge. So maybe she's feeling just a touch crueler than usual today.

"Well, shit," she says, still grinning at him with a mouth full of white teeth. She sets the two shot glasses down on the bar with an audible clink. "Sounds like you're a regular Bill Nye there, kiddo. So I guess a science whiz with all the world experience you've got knows all about hangovers, right?"

She turns halfway to the back of the bar, twisting her upper body to reach for the shelves, and she grabs two bottles, holding them up with an almost contemplative look on her face. "You a tequila or a vodka man, Stiles?"
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"Let's test that theory," York says brightly, maybe a little too brightly, as she puts the vodka back on the shelf and sets the tequila down on the bar. She can tell from the giddy look on his face that he still thinks this is going to be fun. She almost feels bad, but hey, teenagers bounce back. He'll be fine.

"You've gotta be familiar with the scientific method, right? Let's call this an experiment. Tequila, matched shot for shot, and we'll see if you really know shit about avoiding hangovers." York's eyes are dangerously bright as she grabs a couple of lemon wedges and a shaker of salt and all but drops them on the bar. She picks up the bottle of tequila and pours them both a shot, her eyes barely leaving Stiles' face. She can hardly stop grinning, her smile breaking only long enough for her to lick the back of her hand, the spot between her thumb and forefinger, and she shakes a bit of salt onto it before she holds out the shaker.

"C'mon, lick your hand. You know how to do a tequila shot, don't you?"

All right, maybe it's a little unfair to taunt him, too. But man, she's had a long week. Stiles picked the wrong moment to try and cajole booze out of her. At least he's getting what he wished for.
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"Sure it is," York says, totally unconvincingly. This kid couldn't bluff his way through this more obviously if he tried. But hey, York's throwing him a bone here and there. And if all else fails, he can always follow her example. Not like the one she's setting is very good. "I'm the control, and you're the variable."

York flashes him an awful grin before she licks the salt off her hand, tosses back the tequila, and bites into the lemon wedge all in one quick, fluid motion. She's not really supposed to be drinking on the clock, technically, but it's not like everybody at The Quad doesn't break that rule every so often. Besides, this is in the name of the good cause of teaching a teenager a Valuable Lesson. Also, she's pretty sure he's gonna choke on that shot and it's probably going to be hilarious.
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York shouldn't laugh. Honestly, she shouldn't. He's just a dumb kid, and she totally set him up, and it's kinda mean.

Okay, so York is mean sometimes.

She can't help it -- she explodes into laughter as soon as Stiles chokes on the shot, practically spitting the lemon wedge back down onto the bar with a vigorous cackle. She barely manages to set her shot glass down on the bar without dropping it, wheezing out some hearty laughter for a minute or two before she manages to suck down a proper breath.

"Sorry," she manages, in between lingering chuckles. She sounds sort of sincere. "I'm sorry, kid, you just -- whew, you made a face. C'mon, you all right? Gimme your shot glass."
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All right, she has to give the kid props for jumping back in the ring so readily. That shot hadn't exactly gone down easy. Honestly, the longer he sits at the bar, the more he reminds her of herself when she was his age. It's starting to verge on the uncanny.

"Big talk for a little man," York says with a raised eyebrow, her grin more of a smirk, and she slides the salt shaker over the bar to Stiles as she pours another round of tequila into their glasses. This time she just grabs the whole container of lemon wedges and sets it on the bar. "You think you can remember not to try to inhale it this time?"
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Man, he really is like a sixteen-year-old dude version of herself, it's kinda freaky. She appreciates the smart remarks, though, letting out a little chuckle after she finishes her own shot, slamming the glass back down on the bar. "Hey, you've lasted two shots already. You're already holding up better than I expected."

She pours them both another round, the tequila burning pleasantly in her stomach. Honestly, even if Davrax were to come back now, she's not sure he'd even be that put off. He spends an awful lot of time with a bottle of ryncol to be criticizing, at any rate.

"How you feelin' by now, kiddo?"
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The touch of color coming to his face is a dead giveaway, and so is the way he's starting to move as the alcohol starts to hit him. For York, it's still little more than a warm tingle in the back of her head, but she holds her liquor better than most sixteen-year-old boys.

She holds off on pouring him another for now, raising an eyebrow. "Yeah, helps if you do the salt. And, y'know, finish the shot. So how's your experiment lookin' now, science whiz?"
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"Uh huh," York says, raising an eyebrow, but she's grinning, too. The alcohol hasn't totally hit her yet, so a few shots is starting to make her pleasantly buzzed. She easily pours another shot for each of them, grabbing up all the used lemon wedges to toss away. "You don't even remember what I'm talkin' about."

It comes out as more of a laugh than an accusation, though, and she shakes a bit of salt onto her hand. "You're learnin' pretty fast, kiddo. So where're you from, anyway? And I mean that in the loosest possible sense."
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All right, that's four shots in, uh, maybe a half hour? Even buzzed York knows to slow down a little at this point. She's trying to teach this kid a lesson, not kill him. Except -- well, she's actually kinda having fun with the kid now. He's so...earnest. It's kind of adorable. So she holds off on pouring them another shot just yet, and she could probably stand to slow down a little herself.

"Shit, if I'd known you were a cop's kid, I wouldn't have even let you in the front door," she says teasingly, sweeping some spilled salt off of the bartop. She peers at him a little more closely, cocking her head to the side, and gives him a knowing smile. "You and your dad pretty close?"
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York gives him a little smile, because she can tell he doesn't want to wax mushy about it, but he obviously cares about his dad. York can relate to that. "Yeah, we're close. Haven't seen 'em in a few years, but me and my dad have always been pretty tight. He was pretty livid when I joined the war effort, though." She laughs a little, mostly to herself. "I got two brothers, too. Older ones. They're all married with kids, by now."
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"Yeah, I love 'em. That's why I joined up in the first place." Thirty years was way too long for a war to go on. She's at least got some comfort knowing it ends not too far in the future, from when she'd last been home. At least, it had in Wash's timeline.

York figures it's not worth elaborating on the war, not when he's drunk and is probably gonna forget he asked anyway. She's starting to feel a good buzz, too, but she's got plenty of judgment left to sweep the shot glasses off to the side, determining that at this point, Stiles probably doesn't need anymore. What was the point of this again?

"2011, huh? You're a few centuries behind me. So what's that like?"
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"Jesus, kid. That almost makes the war sound good." At least when you were in a war, you were expecting some bad shit to go down. York had enlisted knowing full well she might not come back. But when that kind of stuff happens in your hometown, where you're supposed to be safe...well, that's just scary. Especially if you're just a teenager.

York gives him a critical look, drumming her fingers on the bartop. "You play lacrosse, huh?"
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York knows teenage bravado when she sees it -- hell, she's done it enough herself -- and she can tell that whatever's going on at home isn't easy for Stiles. Hell, it wouldn't be easy for anybody. York leans against the bar, resting her elbow on the surface. "How you feelin', kid?"
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"He needs somethin', all right," York mutters, giving the krogan a sidelong glance, but it's Stiles her gaze lingers on as her lips purse into a half-frown. "And so do you, kiddo. C'mon, I think it's time you headed home. Can you get home all on your own?"
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York raises an eyebrow, but she just gives him a small smile, shaking her head. He'll be all right. "All right then, kiddo, you get outta here, all right? I'll see you around, I hope."

She'd kinda meant to teach him a lesson -- she hadn't been in the best of moods when he'd shown up -- but in a weird way, she'd had some fun herself. Stiles isn't a bad kid, and he's just one more teenager stranded away from his home. Okay, so her heart goes out to him a little.