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the drinks are on us - if you're with it, then pull up a seat. (CLOSED)

who. york ([personal profile] neverknocks) and benji ([personal profile] techburst)
what. benji visiting york at her new bartending gig.
where. the quad
when. backdated to before the event, and following this thread.
warnings. ladies being hot benji actually loosening up just pure awesomeness going on up in here.

She'd waited the few hours it took before York's shift started, and even still, it was about half an hour before she actually showed up to the place. It was going to be a nice evening out, she thought - and she'd even dressed the part as much as she could with what she'd been able to find on the station since she and Zoe had first shown up here. Luckily, she'd had enough credits on her chit to allow her to buy a nice-looking dress that came down to about the middle of her thighs and a pair of heels to match - the former in a nice shade of red that almost matched the color of her armor perfectly. Her hair was down, loose around her shoulders, and if anyone cared to look close enough to notice, there was the lightest touch of eyeliner and mascara.

Because it didn't matter if she wasn't meeting anyone in particular. She never went out to a club or a bar without looking like she was doing this on purpose.

When she spotted York, she made her way over, sliding onto a barstool with an easy smile as she settled in. "So, where's that mojito?"
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York was always pleased to see a familiar face at The Quad, if only to make her shift go by a little quicker. Working at a krogan bar wasn't really all that bad, but being the only human bartender got old, sometimes. So when she saw Benji sidle into the bar, her face just about lit up. Hey, her boss had been pretty plain about hoping to attract more human customers. She was sure he'd be pleased.

"Hey, Benji," she said, leaning against the bar, and she gave her a broad grin as she reached for a shaker. "It's comin' right up. You meeting somebody, or did you get all dressed up just for me?"
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That gets a laugh out of York, and she reaches for the rum, setting it down on the bar. "Hey, you might get one yet. I don't think they're used to seeing too many humans in this place yet. But hey, it's early yet."

She starts mixing a mojito for Benji, shaking her head to toss her hair over her shoulder. "Zo's your sister, right? I think you've mentioned her before." The name rings a bell for York, but she can't quite place why yet.
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York snaps her fingers, recognition lighting up her face. "Oh! Shit, that's your Zoe? Yeah, we've met, briefly. Real friendly. She seems like a nice kid." She cracks a grin at Benji, giving her a knowing look. She knows what the deal is with siblings. "Bet she must drive you up the wall, huh?"
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York gives her a fond sort of smile, half because it's clear that Benji cares about her sister, half because she's thinking about her own family. God, she hasn't seen them in years, now. "Oh, yeah. I'm the youngest of three -- two older brothers. We drove each other crazy. They tried to scare off every last one of my high school boyfriends." She laughs, thinking about it now. Both of her brothers are married with kids by now, of course. But man, she remembers what it was like when she was a kid. "I guess you're probably better off talkin' to one of them, huh?"
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"Yeah, unfortunately you start to grow out of it," York laughs, shaking her head. It's clear that Benji and Zoe are close, and honestly, it somehow brightens York's day a little to see this mixed in with the usual day to day bullshit on Omega. It's nice to see a few people just being a family, even in a place like this. "I'm kinda surprised you two are both in the service, though. You from a military family? I mean, my whole family's civilians. I'm the crazy one that signed up for war."

She laughs a little, mostly to herself. She's long since made up with her dad over that, and honestly, for all that's happened, she's never really regretted enlisting. And hey, according to Wash, they win the war one day. So maybe it all counts for something after all.
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"Yeah, well, I bet she worries about you, too." York leans against the bar, rubbing idly at a spot on its surface with a rage. "Maybe she wanted to keep an eye on you, too."

She can't imagine what it's like back home, now. She's been gone almost a year -- probably declared KIA by the UNSC at this point. Did her family have the news, by now? Her dad would be furious, probably.

"It's good you two have each other here," she adds, smiling at Benji. "I think you're both pretty lucky."
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"I bet you she'd say the same about you," York says with a small laugh, but she lets it drop there. She can tell Benji's fiercely protective of her sister, and that warms her heart a little. Well, okay, a lot. "So, hey, I've been meaning to ask you -- what is there to do for fun around here, anyway? Besides drinking, I mean."
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York makes a face, rolling her eyes. Asari dancers are all right, but that doesn't exactly make for weekly entertainment in her book. And she sees enough fights working in a bar. Man, this place kinda blows sometimes.

"Guess gambling's better than nothing," she sighs, scrubbing aimlessly at the bartop with a cloth. "Man, doesn't anybody here see movies or shit like that? You'd think even criminals would wanna chill out with some popcorn once in a while."
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"I'm sure she would if it'd make her a lot of money," York says with a little snort. "I mean, don't get me wrong, I respect the lady. Good on her, and all that. But she doesn't care much for shit that doesn't benefit her."

She rubs at her chin in thought, shrugging a little. "It'd be neat, though, having something like that around here. Make things feel a little more normal."