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Feb. 2nd, 2013 02:50 pm
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who. characters involved in the log.
what. brief description of the log.
where. where it's set.
when. when it's happening.
warnings. please warn for any questionable or upsetting content.

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who. characters on the list here
what. investigation of the shuttle debris + omega - 4 relay
where. SPACE! aka the debris field and omega - 4 relay
when.  backdated to last friday (june 7)
warnings. There will be spacewalks. Any number of things can go wrong. 8D 

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who. agent carolina [CR AU] and agent north [CR AU]
what. after searching for wash and south, carolina comes home
where. Varren Central
when. probably the dead of night, backdated.
warnings. stuff.

brawling with hoodlums )
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who. Severa, York
what. Severa crosses the wrong turian and ends up in a bar fight
where. The Quad
when. After her gun training session, in the wake of the shuttle explosion
warnings. A very stupid, cocky teenager

calling your bluff like you'd loaded that gun with a flag )
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who. A group of CAT6 operatives and those that volunteered to be interrogated.
what. Interrogation. Lots of it.
where. A group of small rooms somewhere on the station.
when. Varying times since the shuttle explosion.
warnings. Interrogation, which may involve severe violence

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May. 24th, 2013 03:03 pm
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who. wash and york [cr aus]
what. wash comes clean about his feelings. yes, those feelings.
where. their apartment.
when. backdated to 5/22.
warnings. wash being dumb. and feelings.

seriously how did this take a goddamn year )
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who. Anyone and everyone on the station.
what. Two shuttles come through the relay. Only one makes it through intact - and it's the one bringing in the new recruits.
where. All around the station, but most of the action will probably take place on and around the landing pads.
when. Right now.
warnings. General, mass hysteria. Not much else.

This is no one's fault. (Or is it?) )
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who. Lydia & her roommates
what. Lydia's Triumphant Return
where. Places.
when. This Morning.
warnings. Stiles will fuss.

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who. Agent Carolina and ANYONE
what. during the general panic, carolina takes freya the varren out for a walk.
where. walking around the residential district, mostly, with a detour into the markets to get freya some roasted pyjack meat 8)
when. mid-day
warnings. freya probably chews on things. carolina isn't a whole lot nicer.

lets go smell the clean air of omega )
[personal profile] noscope
who. north ([personal profile] noscope) + anyone who would like to run into him.
what. recovering from the accident re: the mission with york and garrus.
where. anywhere, really. his apartment with carolina, the markets, he'll be all over the place.
when. backdated to around the same time as york's open post.
warnings. none? other than residual guilt for york getting hurt. :|

it could have gone better if i were better at what i do. )
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who. Gentarou Kisaragi ([personal profile] mr_friendship) + Anyone
what. Gentarou kitaa has arrived. Typical freaking out/excitement.
where. LZ
when. Current
warnings. N/A

New Birth )
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who. Joker ([personal profile] airraid) and South ([personal profile] traitortwin)
what. alcohol and the aftermath thereof
where. their apartment.
when. right about now.
warnings. eeeventually nsfw?? adjskals Also South is still her own warning.

So let's take some shots! )
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who. Severa, Starscream
what. Severa's almost gotten acclimated to Omega. She just needs to learn how to shoot.
where. Zeta District
when. A week or two after Severa's arrival on Omega, but before the current Thessia plot
warnings. None that I can think of

i gotta ask you, buddy )
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who. Everyone on Omega.

what. The station finds out about the state of Thessia - in that it is now being taken over by the Reapers.

where. Various places all over the station.

when. Immediately. Right now.

warnings. None as of yet, other than general panic and chaos.

And so it begins. )
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who. The Blood Pack and YOU.
what. This band of mercs is attempting to gain more ground on Omega, and they aren't exactly doing it by asking nicely.
where. Various places around the station.
when. Now.
warnings. Violence. Krogan. Vorcha. You know, the usual.

Beefin' over turf. )
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who. Everyone
what. Clean-up Day + Merc action
where. Damaged areas of the Zeta District
when. Saturday, all-day
warnings. PG-13

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((OOC: This is a free mingle log, so feel free to start your own threads about what your characters are up to. The most important thing is to have fun with each other, so go forth and multiply your CR!))


Apr. 23rd, 2013 09:25 pm
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who. York and YOU!
what. for anyone who wants to talk to, see, or run into York since her injury
where. anywhere in Zeta District -- The Quad, York and Wash's apartment, somewhere in the markets, etc
when. anytime this week!
warnings. probably lots of feelings :(

i have a future )


Apr. 23rd, 2013 05:17 pm
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who. York & Mordin
what. York wakes up for the first time after her injury.
where. Mordin's clinic in Gozu District
when. backdated to this past weekend
warnings. injury talk and feelings, probably

i had a dream i was carvin' up the inside track )
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who. ino and naruto
what. ino finally confronting the loss of her father, naruto is there as a friend
where. their apartment 710-k
when. after this
warnings. INO FEELINGS

i'm not going to stand here and wait )


Apr. 18th, 2013 11:46 pm
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who. washington and carolina [cr aus]
what. wash asks for some advice.
where. varren central carolina and north's place
when. forward-dated to next wednesday, 4/25
warnings. mention of injuries.

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Apr. 18th, 2013 11:31 pm
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who. washington and york [cr aus]
what. wash opens up about his feelings. no, not those feelings.
where. the quad
when. backdated to mid-march, a few days after after this log [fixing some character development issues]
warnings. none

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